My Five Favorite Marvel Sidekicks

While there are nearly two dozen superheroes saving the world time and time again in the MCU from life threatening villains sometimes they need help from their not-so-super, or sometimes kind of super, sidekicks to get the job done. So, in honor of these lesser advertised heroes, I’m dedicating a post to these characters who have brought me so much joy over the years.

5. Heimdall


I remember when I watched Thor: Ragnarok for the first time Heimdall was my favorite character from Thor’s world after seeing the movie. His eyes were strange and he was so cool looking as he stood as guard of the Bifrost (I think that’s what he was guarding.) Throughout the Thor franchise his awesome never particularly dwindled and his involvement in Thor: Ragnarok only helped increase his coolness. Unfortunately he was killed at the very beginning of Avengers: Infinity War so it’s a good chance we’ll never see him again but he was definitely an awesome compatriot of Thor’s while he lasted.

4. Luis


Who doesn’t love Luis? I mean he’s hilarious. Especially when he tells his stories. Oh my goodness, I love his lip-sync stories. I’m hoping we get another lip-sync story in Ant-Man and the Wasp because that would be fun to watch. And he’s kind of heroic…when he needs to be. He’s the perfect goofy sidekick for Ant-Man, and the Wasp. 🙂

3. Ned


Ned is the best! I love when he learns that his best buddy is an Avenger-level superhero. His reaction is priceless. Especially when he asks Peter if he lays eggs. Hah! Hilarious. If I was Peter Parker I would want a best friend like Ned too. I mean, who doesn’t want a friend that’s willing to build a 300+ Lego set of the Death Star? Like Peter said, “That’s awesome.”

2. Everett Ross


What I love the most about the MCU is how perfectly woven their films are together. Everett Ross had a very brief role in Captain America: Civil War that didn’t at all hint that he would have a bigger part to play in the future and then in Black Panther they took this menial character who had appeared in a previous film and upgraded him to sidekick status perfectly and I loved it. His involvement in Black Panther was perfect, to say the least, and the fact that he was able to help King T’Challa prevent the rogue Wakandans from successfully delivering the vibranium weapons was awesome. I hope to see him again in future MCU films (if he didn’t disintegrate.) *shrug*

1. Happy Hogan


Happy is definitely the great Marvel sidekick because he’s simply comic relief. For one, his name is Happy and yet he never smiles…or seems particularly. He always acts like he’s a top notch bodyguard for Tony Stark and yet he’s kind of a mess, in all honesty. I love how he tries to spar with Natasha when she first arrives as Tony’s new “assistant” and she takes him down so easily it’s hilarious. Or like in the final sequence of Iron Man 2 when he’s fighting that one bad guy super hard and he looks up and Black Widow has already taken out of the rest of the baddies. It’s hilarious. And don’t get me started with him in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Happy is a truly great character and I’m hoping he wasn’t one of the unfortunate people who was disintegrated after Thanos’s infamous finger snap.

So, these are my five favorite Marvel sidekicks. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.


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