‘Aquaman’ Gets Some New Photos

Aquaman is coming out this December and it looks like publicity for the film is starting to ramp up. On this week’s edition of Entertainment Weekly exclusive photos of Aquaman were released, giving us our first look at the iconic hero’s first standalone film. Check them out.

<p>Aquaman (Jason Momoa) storms a submarine under attack by pirates.&nbsp;</p>

Water is Aquaman’s best friend.

<p>Arthur Curry and Mera (Amber Heard) embark on a quest on the surface world.</p>

It looks like Aquaman and Mera are on an adventure of sorts. Will they find love on this particular journey? *wriggling my eyebrows*

<p>High-seas mercenary Black Manta&nbsp;(Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) tackles a prototype for his super suit and prepares&nbsp;to rays hell.</p>

I don’t know anything about the lore of Aquaman but this is our first look at Black Manta who will be one of the antagonists in the film. He’s a totally normal pirate who manages to get his hands on some Atlantean tech that’ll allow him to create a suit that shoots laser beams from his eyes. Um…that sounds awesome.

<p>Aquaman faces off with his ambitious half-brother King Orm (Patrick Wilson) who wants to declare war on the surface world.</p>

Aquaman and main villain, King Orm (Patrick Wilson) face off. This should prove to be a typhoon of a showdown. 🙂

<p>James Wan directs Heard and Momoa inside a galleon as they encounter Aquaman’s mentor Vulko (Willem&nbsp;Dafoe).</p>

We see the director for the film, James Wan, and the actors getting ready to shoot a scene.

<p>Queen Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) protects a young Arthur Curry.</p>

Nicole Kidman will be playing Aquaman’s mother. Oookay.

And this is concept art for the movie showcasing the world of Atlantis in all of its dazzling glory. Now that’s cool looking.

All in all, these photos are definitely interesting. We’re seeing more from these characters and ideas of what to expect but I’m still not quite sold on the movie’s quality yet. Mera is basically Ariel if she was a sexy warrior princess. Arthur Curry (Aquaman) isn’t screaming epic to me. And why is Nicole Kidman his mother? I understand that she fell in love with a human and together they had Arthur Curry but still, they don’t look anything alike.

I don’t know. I won’t be convinced that this movie is good until I see the trailer. Until then, these are just pretty pictures.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

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