My Favorite Scene in ‘Solo’

Solo was the surprise blockbuster of the year so far as it blew away all of my wildest expectations and really boosted my love for Star Wars again. It was adventurous, romantic, funny, and simply a great movie to watch. It was easy to follow and left a giant smile on my face. But out of all of the incredible scenes throughout the film which one was my favorite? Which scene truly stood out to me in ways that the other scenes didn’t? Well, that’s what I’m here to share with you and I hope you enjoy. 🙂


The Yacht Showdown

First Light

There were a lot of impressive scenes in this film, from beginning to end, but the scene that really was the icing on the cake for me was that final showdown aboard Dryden Vos’s yacht, First Light. I had just experienced the visually magnificent Kessel Run action sequence, Enfys Nest had revealed himself to actually be a young teenage girl, and Beckett was “leaving” to go find Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine. It was all up to Han, Qi’Ra, and Chewbacca who had this supposed “plan” to swindle Dryden out of the Coaxium so they could really give it to Enfys to fund the Rebellion.

Dryden Vos

This scene had everything I wanted from the film. There was Dryden who has clearly become one of my favorite Star Wars villains. His debonaire look and cool but deadly personality oozed menace and had me on the edge of my seat as Han coolly bantered with him like the swindling smuggler that he is.

The room itself was filled with gadgets and trinkets that my roaming eyes couldn’t help but take in with a certain awe only Star Wars films can provide me.

The scene’s tenseness only increased as Han was forced to hand Dryden one of the Coaxium vials and which Dryden then said was actually fake. My heart dropped. My mind immediately said, “Uh oh.” And then *drum roll* Beckett walked in ready to collect his pay and betray his friends which actually didn’t surprise me. I’ve been saying for months that Beckett was going to be a secret villain in the movie so that was the one part of the movie that I could actually suspect.

Qi’Ra was caught in the traitorous act against Dryden and I watched that part in horror as he held her so violently, his eyes literally turning red with anger as he tried to understand how this woman (who he had grown to love) would betray him in such a way. She made him rethink gutting her where she sat and sat alongside him as his “devoted” lieutenant again which was yet another shocking twist in the whole fold of things. I was like, “Come on Qi’Ra. Who’s side are you on?” Chewbacca was captured by Beckett and it seemed like all hope was lost for the heroes.

And then Han, because he’s the best, completely tricked Dryden and his gang which was overrun by Enfys Nest and her crew and the physical showdown began. Dryden chased Han around the room with his deadly knife thingies, Qi’Ra had to choose a side, and she used Dryden’s foolish confidence in her to kill him without him realizing what was about to happen. I remember sighing a breath of relief. Yes, no one had died. It seemed like this scene couldn’t get any better but it did!


Han and Qi’Ra shared one last passionate kiss before she basically said goodbye to him forever, which is really sad now that I think about it. She wanted to walk with him in that elevator and live happily ever after but after all that she had gone through she honestly was a different person than he knew on Corellia. Gone was the carefree spirit that wanted to escape with him and journey among the stars and in the here and now was instead a woman who had seen and done things that she could never run away from. It was better for her to rise in the ranks of the Crimson Dawn rather than run inevitably from the revenge-crazed gang for the rest of her life.

She contacted none other than Darth Maul to announce of Dryden’s death but unsuspecting to her she found herself in another allegiance conundrum as he summoned her to Dathomir so they could work more closely together. Gosh, she went from one treacherous boss to an even more treacherous boss. Sorry Qi’Ra.

You see, this scene truly had it all. The suspense, the action, the shocking surprises, the romance, every aspect about this scene made me EXTREMELY happy and it truly felt like the climactic moment of the movie which it was supposed to feel like. While scenes like the Conveyex Heist, the Kessel Run, and even Han winning the Millennium Falcon are great fun to watch this scene stood out to me in ways that the others didn’t and cemented my love for the movie even more.

What was your favorite scene in Solo? I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments below. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a splendid day.

One thought on “My Favorite Scene in ‘Solo’”

  1. Yeah I love the shot that you used in the thumbnail. If I’m not mistaken, that’s from right after Qi’ra has her call with Darth Maul and seems poised to take over Dryden’s spot. There’s a lot of emotion in Emilia Clarke’s face there; it conveys the fear that comes with seizing power. It’s just a very human moment after a lot of very intense drama
    Great post!

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