Where Does Dryden Vos Rank Among the ‘Star Wars’ Villains?

When I think of iconic villains the first character that comes to mind is Darth Vader. His bravado, his baritone voice, the black cape, and the iconic “I am your father” line makes this antagonist memorable for all of the right reasons. Ever since then there have been Star Wars villains that have tried to dethrone Darth Vader from his top spot and it took forty years but that finally was achieved with Kylo Ren. Kylo Ren has been such a joy to watch in this current trilogy as his story has grown more complex and made the movies so much more enjoyable. Now with Solo a new villain has arrived and it’s time to find out where he ranks among all of the antagonists that have come before him.

1. Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren

There aren’t a lot of characters that I can’t imagine being played by anyone else because the actors have taken a certain role and made it their own but I honestly can’t imagine anyone but Adam Driver playing this emotional character. He brings such an intimacy to the role that I feel like I can understand the guy even though he’s just a fictional character. He’s also hilarious too. I can’t wait until Episode IX.

2. Darth Vader

Darth-Vader_6bda9114 (1).jpeg

Darth Vader exudes coolness and menace better than nearly every movie villain I have ever seen. James Earl Jones brought such life to this character that the thought of Darth Vader having a different voice is positively preposterous. I didn’t know anything about Darth Vader as a child who had only been exposed to the prequels but when I saw him choke somebody through a television screen my jaw dropped in amazement. Darth Vader was no joke and that’s why he was the perfect villain for the original trilogy.

3. Darth Maul


I recently watched fragments of The Phantom Menace and while it wasn’t very fun seeing Jar Jar Binks hollering and talking jibberish I loved watching the duel between Darth Maul and the Jedi, especially after Solo. His martial arts style of fighting was a brilliant case of choreography and sheer awesomeness being displayed in a Star Wars film. I hope in a future Solo sequel we get to see those fantastic fighting skills of his again. 🙂

4. Emperor Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine / Darth Sidious

Emperor Palpatine is the embodiment of pure evil in the Star Wars universe. Everything about him is something you want to get away from as quickly as possible. How Anakin Skywalker could have possibly been seduced by someone as frightening and as hideous as Palpatine is still a mystery to me and I’m glad it was eventually Anakin in the form of Darth Vader who rid the galaxy of him. *shudder* Palpatine is the worst…and that’s why he’s one of the greatest Star Wars villains.

5. Dryden Vos


I immediately knew Dryden Vos was one of my favorite Star Wars villains because he actually scared me. He didn’t frighten me like one who might be afraid of Michael Meyers or The Exorcist but he was definitely intimidating. I mean, his grand entrance into the movie was a scene showing him killing him somebody. Right off the bat you know he’s not one to be trifled with.


I also loved his scars as well. They supposedly change with his mood like the color of his eyes and while I didn’t see his scars change it didn’t even matter because the scars were just cool looking enough as they were. I also loved his attitude in the movie as well. He had the tendency to be as enraged as Kylo Ren but he kept that bottled up within him as best he could while doing business. Those moments where he had to control his temper were some of the tensest moments of the movie for me.

When I used to hear the name Paul Bettany I used to immediately think of his role as Vision which was cool but I always felt that Vision could be cooler. When I heard that he was going to be in Solo I was excited but I couldn’t sure how well he was going to do as a villain. Um…he was positively amazing and even though he was only in two scenes in the film he stole the show whenever he was in the movie and that’s why he has become one of my top five favorite Star Wars villains.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day. May the Force be with you.

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