Michelle Pfeiffer or Anne Hathaway: Who Is The Better Catwoman?

The other day I watched The Dark Knight Rises and as I watched the movie I couldn’t help but get excited seeing Catwoman. Catwoman is one of my favorite DC Comics characters but she’s rarely been given a chance to shine. Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy possessed such amazing and classic DC Comics characters and made them epic in ways that unfortunately hasn’t been replicated in the current DCEU (DC Extended Universe.)

And then Michelle Pfeiffer brought Catwoman to life nearly thirty years ago in Batman Returns at a time when superhero movies weren’t as easy and popular to make as they are these days. While the movie wasn’t great Catwoman shined as she permeated her scenes with a distinct femininity and feline awesomeness. But of the two versions of the cat-tastic superhero who plays the role better?

Anne Hathaway


Anne Hathaway is one of my favorite actresses and that can be easily understood as she plays the role of Selina a.k.a Catwoman. She’s so dynamic, switching from damsel in distress to kick-butt jewel thief within seconds, and I love her involvement in the film. She’s one of the reasons why I enjoy watching The Dark Knight Rises. And boy is her suit sleek and awesome.

The only thing about her role in The Dark Knight Rises was that the film never elaborated on why she was Catwoman and why she became a jewel thief. I did love that she was never treated second to Batman though and was considered his equal throughout the entire film which was refreshing compared to his other love interests in the previous two films who were clear damsels in distress. All in all, I love Catwoman in this movie.

Michelle Pfeiffer


I liked Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman. She was an interesting character who was given a large role in Batman Returns as this anti-hero/feline mistress within the movie. I loved her suit because it was made through patches of clothes into this perfect Catwoman suit that expressed a sleek sexiness while retaining a dangerous feel as well. Honestly, when Batman Returns ended I was sad to see that there weren’t anymore films in that series because Catwoman would have undoubtedly returned and I liked her. I thought she was delightfully weird and perfectly fit the character of the feline superhero.

And the Winner Is…Anne Hathaway


While I did enjoy Michelle Pfeiffer’s version of Catwoman there was just something so perfect about Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. His vision was perfectly epic and took this female character to the next level. I think it’s going to be a while before there’s a cooler Catwoman than Anne Hathaway’s rendition of the feline hero.

If you like both of these actresses then you can see Anne Hathaway in Ocean’s 8 which is currently in theaters and Michelle Pfeiffer is set to star in Ant-Man and the Wasp this July.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a spectacular day.

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