I Have A Feeling We Won’t Be Seeing Any More ‘Star Wars’ Stories For A While

Yesterday evening breaking news involving Star Wars reverberated through the movie world as reports of Lucasfilm putting a stop to their spinoff movies hit the internet. But those rumors weren’t actually true, as Lucasfilm assured fans that they’re not stopping the production of Star Wars stories but instead are focusing on other Star Wars projects in the time being. This is of course directly in result to Solo‘s dismal box-office run which showed Lucasfilm that people are not ready to watch two Star Wars movies within five months of each other, leastwise a Star Wars standalone film that no one really wanted in the first place.

Now, Solo actually turned out to be a great movie, instantly becoming one of my favorite Star Wars films ever made, but the terrible marketing surrounding the movie and its lack of enthusiastic fan base ultimately destroyed its chances of being a good film financially and to Disney money talks.

So, that Boba Fett or Obi-Wan spinoff you were getting ready for in the next few years or so may not come for a long while which is a bummer because I love the Star Wars stories. I love their creativity and I love that these films are filling in gaps to movies and characters that I’ve watched for years. The bad news about this Star Wars update, however, is the fact that it makes it more and more unlikely that there will be a Solo sequel which is especially unfortunate because the movie was clearly setting up something awesome.

The good news, however, is the fact that Lucasfilm is toning down our expectations for Star Wars movies which makes us more hungry for them when they come. Star Wars has always been an event and I think people like it that way. A lot of people don’t want it to become a busy franchise like Marvel successfully did with their films and I understand that. If Solo had been pushed to maybe this August or September, months that are ultimately vacant of big time blockbusters, it would’ve made a whole lot more money than it did. The fact that Disney wasn’t willing to try to make Solo work shows their lack of enthusiasm with the film as well so their decision to place the Star Wars Stories on the back burner doesn’t surprise me at all.

I have a feeling though, after this year and a half hiatus from Star Wars people will be ready to see Episode IX next December and I’m definitely going to be one of those people. 🙂

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day. May the Force be with you.

3 thoughts on “I Have A Feeling We Won’t Be Seeing Any More ‘Star Wars’ Stories For A While”

  1. I don’t think having two Star Wars films in the same year was any problem. The problem with the Solo debut was mostly The Last Jedi. The irony is that (seemingly without realizing) the audience Disney knowingly burned with TLJ was the exact target audience for Solo, the next film coming. When they saw the reaction of hardcore fans, they should have delayed Solo until the discontent subsided. I’m a big SW fan, but I also grew up with the EU books, so I’m all for new ideas. Even so, I found TLJ to be a disappointment. Up to that point, just the Star Wars name was enough to make me go to the theater for every release, even if that was my only cinema trip for the whole year. I even bough the bluray for TLJ, like I always do, and the second watching was didn’t fix my disappointment. The SW brand no longer holds that power over me, not after TLJ and to a lesser extent TFA. Solo was the first SW film where I made the conscious decision not to see it in theaters. There was a loss of trust affecting that choice. I know the reviews seem good, but the critics were wrong about TFA and TLJ, so reviews don’t mean much to me anymore. I expect many fans are the same. I can’t help but feel that is what hurt Solo, though Disney doesn’t want to admit that, of course.

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    1. Oh my goodness, I know. If I didn’t love Star Wars so much I wouldn’t have gone to see ‘Solo’ either and when I did I was expecting it to be terrible and it was actually GREAT. If you get the chance you should definitely see it in theaters because it’s actually worth it. Or at least buy it on Blu-Ray. It’s really good, and this is coming from someone who didn’t like ‘The Last Jedi’ very much the first time I saw it. In fact I despised nearly every decision that was made in that movie. It’s a shame what ‘The Last Jedi’ has done to the overall fan base of Star Wars and I can only hope that the new live-action show and ‘Episode IX’ next year will make Star Wars worth watching again. 🙂


      1. I don’t go to theaters that often. Usually I wait for new movies to come out on pay-per-view through my cable service. Did that with Black Panther. Still waiting for Infinity War. I am bit lazy to go out, and I have a good home cinema setup with surround sound. I will definitely watch Solo when it releases on my TV. As far as the bluray, I still need to get Rogue One, which is my favorite of the new generation of films.

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