Should There Be A Remake of ‘The Last Jedi’?

As the breaking news surrounding Lucasfilm’s halt on the Star Wars stories (for now) permeated the entertainment world there has been an abrupt uprising of Star Wars fans who want to remake The Last Jedi. A lot of times fans have roared outcries against movies, harping for remakes and complete annihilation of certain movies, but it’s never been given a lot of traction. This time these fans seem kind of serious as they have started to make a petition for those wanting a remake of The Last Jedi. Even the writer/director of the film, Rian Johnson, has encouraged the fans, saying that he would love to see them remake The Last Jedi. But the question is, should The Last Jedi be scrapped and remade in the way that fans wanted it or would that make things worse? Well, here’s a few reasons why it would be nice to do The Last Jedi over again.

1. Snoke

Supreme Leader Snoke

One of the greatest mysteries coming out of The Force Awakens was the questions involving Supreme Leader Snoke. The questions were simple. Who was he? Where did he come from? How did he convert Ben Solo to the dark side? Was he actually Mace Windu back for revenge? How was he so powerful? When The Last Jedi finally arrived I was hoping that at least one of these questions would be answered and unfortunately none of them were. Snoke was utilized into the movie only as a tool to push along Kylo Ren’s story and when he was no longer needed Rian Johnson killed him off within the blink of an eye. I couldn’t believe it. If there were to be a Last Jedi remake Snoke would definitely need more presence.

There were a lot of fan theories surrounding the identity of the mysterious Snoke but one of the most exciting rumors I remember seeing early last year was the idea that Snoke would reveal to Luke in an epic showdown that he was Luke’s grandfather. Yes, it would be another “I am your father” moment except maybe even more surprising. Not only would that have been the ultimate drop-the-mic moment in the movie but it would’ve also fixed that terrible Anakin-is-a-midichlorian-bubble nonsense George Lucas crafted. This is why.

I used to think that when Shmi told Qui-Gon Jinn that her son, Anakin didn’t have a father that it was a little fishy sounding so I always figured she was actually lying to him and not telling him who the real father was, which would make sense if he was actually this powerful and mysterious wielder of the dark side named Snoke. If she had told the Jedi Master that her son was the spawn of a Sith Lord or whatever Snoke is he would’ve definitely never agreed to try to train the boy. This would also shine a different perspective on Anakin turning to the dark side, for it would make more sense why the supposed “chosen one” was so easily tempted to do everything the Jedi Council said not to do. He couldn’t help it. His father was one with the dark side!

All in all, Snoke needed more justice and I would love to see his story revamped.

2. Finn and Rose

I love and hate the Finn/Rose dynamic. I thought the two of them were an extremely cute duo and sometimes they can bring a genuine smile to my face but the fact that Rian Johnson decided to make them romantically involved was a very, very bad idea. Throughout The Last Jedi they are portrayed as good friends. Yes, Finn starts to gradually acquire feelings for Rose that easily had the potential to turn towards the more romantic side of things but that should’ve been saved for Episode IX. The fact that Rian Johnson forced a romance between the two characters by having Rose awkwardly give Finn a kiss before she passed out didn’t make sense and now garners an eye roll from me every time I watch that scene.

If there were to be a different version of The Last Jedi I wouldn’t want Rose to be extricated from the movie because for the most part I think she could be a cool character if placed in the right situations. What hurt the Finn/Rose dynamic wasn’t exactly them two but rather the corny adventure they went on during the movie. The Canto Bight scenes are downright boring (and slightly wack,) DJ’s stuttering doesn’t help matters, and a chase scene with space horses named Fathiers? Really? I’d love to keep Finn and Rose together but their adventures need to be much more interesting than that.

3. Luke Skywalker

For the most part, I enjoyed Luke’s arc in The Last Jedi. I understood what Rian Johnson was trying to do as he made Luke into a flawed human being rather than the hero that he was in the original trilogy and then took him around full circle to being a hero again. The only thing I happened to dislike about what he did with Luke was his attitude throughout nearly the entire movie. I understand why Luke disappeared and decided not to come to anybody’s rescue (he believed he would do the galaxy more harm than good which is immensely noble) but Rian Johnson didn’t need to portray him as this grumpy old hermit who had lost all hope in everything, even the Jedi. Luke is a hero, a good man, and yes he made a mistake by trying to kill Kylo Ren, but when Rey went to see him he could’ve remained stern and not as this broken, hopeless individual who scorns at the mere thought of the Jedi and the Force. It was weird, it was different, and it turned a lot of Star Wars fans off. Luke should be given a better storyline than that in a Last Jedi remake.

4. And last but not least, the Resistance

Don’t get me wrong. I love Poe and to a certain extent I enjoy his storyline in The Last Jedi as he evolves from an insubordinate idiot to a respectable leader but there definitely could’ve been something better for the Resistance to do than participate in a nearly day long space chase that involved Poe running around like a chicken with its head cut off, mutinies, and the basically useless Holdo.

Holdo didn’t provide the movie any extra depth. She was just a stepping stool to Poe’s evolution like Snoke was for Kylo Ren. When she wasn’t needed anymore Rian Johnson killed her off, leaving us wondering why he introduced her character in the first place. She was supposedly important but how come we never saw her or even heard her name mentioned in The Force Awakens? She was supposedly a close friend of Leia’s and yet we never got to see that full connection between them. Disney figures you’ve read Leia: Princess of Alderaan which features the prominent friendship between Leia and Holdo as teenagers but if you haven’t read that book or know anything about it Leia’s friendship with Holdo is just an uninteresting fact.

If The Last Jedi is remade there needs to be a better story involving the Resistance because it was frankly the Resistance scenes (along with the Finn/Rose scenes) that sunk the movie. If those scenes could be fixed the movie would instantly be that much better.

So, should there be a remake of The Last Jedi?

You know, I honestly don’t know. On the one hand there are scenes and characters that I wish could be redone but then on the other hand there are the Force connections and Kylo Ren and Rey’s evolution and so forth. Would I risk getting rid of the elements in the movie that I LOVE just to get rid of the things that I don’t like? I don’t think so. The Last Jedi might not have been what I was expecting but it’s still better than the prequels any day of the week.

If fans want to make a petition to remake a Star Wars film they should make a petition for Disney to remake the prequel trilogy. Now that would be awesome. 🙂

Would you want to see a fan made version of The Last Jedi and what you would want to see changed? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a splendid day. May the Force be with you.

One thought on “Should There Be A Remake of ‘The Last Jedi’?”

  1. No. There should not be a remake. But I wish they had done things differently. As it was, it was a huge letdown. Here’s why:

    1. Snoke gets killed. Seriously?? It was too quick and easy. Is he really dead? He seemed so powerful. But now all of these awful unanswered questions leave us hanging:
    A) Who was he? Palpatine? Darth Sidious? Lord Vitiate? Darth Vader?
    B) Where did he come from? What planet? What race?
    C) Was Snoke a Sith? A “both sides of the force user”? What?
    D) How old was Snoke?
    E) Did Mace Windu know of him? Did Yoda? Does Maz Kanata?

    2. Speaking of Maz Kanata, we don’t know who she is, either. Another frustration.

    3. All the Romancy-stuff between Finn and the oriental lady. Why is this even in the movie at all? It seems like total “filler” and unnecessary.

    4. Now that Snoke is gone, who will train Kylo Ren further into the Dark Side?

    5. We STILL have no idea who Rey’s parents are. Aaaauughh!

    6. Will Rey and Kylo Ren battle each other again? Will they team-uo together? If they do, who would they both fight against? If they fight against each other, how will Rey advance further in control and power of the force? Who will teach her more?

    7. Where and how did Rey get her natural ability in the Force to begin with?

    So many viewers were hoping to have these things answered, but they weren’t.
    All of this now leaves the NEXT Star wars movie to come out, in total limbo. Things could go in 100 directions and yet we have almost zero idea of what may come next. Will it be interesting at all or has Star wars had it day? This last one was a bad letdown.

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