Who’s Your Favorite Classic Avenger?

When Iron Man came out ten years ago I could’ve never imagined all of the incredible movies and heroes that would spawn from this superhero franchise. Looking back it’s amazing how far this franchise has come and while there are now over two dozen different superheroes to enjoy it’s still good to recognize the characters that made this franchise so awesome in the first place. So, on this week’s segment of Who’s Your Favorite I’m asking you which classic Avenger is the hero that you absolutely love? Here they are. Enjoy!

The Hulk


The Hulk has always been a cool character because he’s such a unique superhero. I mean, he’s a scientist named Bruce Banner who accidentally induced himself with too much gamma radiation and on spurts becomes a giant-green-rage-monster. That’s sounds so awesome…and it is. The Hulk is not only sometimes frightening and intimidating but he’s also quite hilarious as well. I mean, who knew The Hulk loved fire? Lol.



Hawkeye isn’t one of the most prominent Avengers, as is evident from his lack of involvement in Avengers: Infinity War, but he is an important asset to the team for his leadership skills. His stability helps keep the team, well, stable and his archery skills are very impressive indeed. Clint Barton may have been absent during the events of Infinity War but I’m sure we’ll get to see him being awesome again in Avengers 4.

Captain America


Captain America is such a great leader. His nobility is admirable, his ideals are understandable, and he’s just a good guy who will constantly be there for those who need his help. Captain America has his faults but overall he’s a terrific Avenger with a very awesome shield (that’s broken. Boo.) Infinity War’s story might not have focused on him as much as I had imagined but the writers for Avengers: Infinity War have already assured fans that there will be a lot more storyline surrounding both Captain America and Black Widow next time around and I can’t wait. 🙂



Woo, Thor is awesome! He’s funny, charming, and he’s the GOD OF THUNDER!!! That’s so cool. For years he had many chances to steal the show but the writers just hadn’t figured out how to perfectly incorporate him into the movies yet. After Taika Waititi took “Mr. Sparkles” (lol) and transformed him for something better he hasn’t been the same since. Thor is one of the MCU’s earliest superheroes and I’m glad to see he’s still going strong.

Black Widow


Black Widow for a long time was the only female superhero in the MCU and she is so awesome. She’s fierce and independent, seductive and tough, and she has never been placed in the damsel-in-distress position…because she doesn’t need to be. Joss Whedon didn’t need to diminish her greatness by having her participate in some awkward (and unnecessary) romance with Bruce Banner but she quickly bounced back, becoming an even more prominent hero in Captain America: Civil War. Black Widow is getting her own film in 2020 and I couldn’t be more excited.

Iron Man


Oh my goodness, Iron Man is so cool. The first time I saw Iron Man I was about eleven-years-old and my mind was blown. I’d seen Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, but I knew next to nothing about Iron Man and after being introduced to him he immediately became one of my favorite superheroes of all time. Tony Stark also filled the suit with an awesomeness and hilariousness that brought the character of Iron Man to life in a big way. And his suit is simply off the chain!!!! Over the years the character of Iron Man hasn’t changed much but that’s because he hasn’t had to change. He was perfect way back in 2008’s Iron Man and they haven’t needed to update that formula. Only the Iron Man suit has upgraded throughout the years and that suit in Infinity War was out of this world awesome.

These Avengers have been the building blocks of this wonderful franchise. Without them Marvel might not be the film powerhouse that they are today.

If this had been just a year ago today I would’ve never said Thor was my favorite classic Avenger but after Thor: Ragnarok and Infinity War he’s definitely become the Avenger I love the most. He’s so funny and cool and he was the only Avenger to almost actually defeat Thanos. Until recently his godly might was never that apparent but after his last two films it’s become clear that among the rest of his classic Avengers buddies he stands above them all, at least strength wise. I LOVE Thor! 🙂

So, which of these classic Avengers has made you the happiest over the years? Do you like the snarky comments from Tony Stark or the nobility of Steve Rogers? Do you love it when The Hulk yells, “Smash!” or do you like it when Thor turns into an electric wrecking ball? Or are you a fan of the simple but deadly assassins? I’d love to know in the comments below.

I thank you for reading this week’s segment of Who’s Your Favorite and I hope you have a marvel-ous day. 🙂



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