Ranking the Star Wars Movies; from Worst to Best

The last time I wrote this post Rogue One had been out for a little over a month and Episode VIII‘s title, The Last Jedi, had just been announced the day before I wrote the post. Now it’s been a year and a half later, there have been two new Star Wars movies, and with Solo arriving in theaters a month ago I figured it’s time to update this list. Enjoy!

10. Attack of the Clones


Star Wars is a wonderful franchise with plenty of great movies but Attack of the Clones really fell short of being a fantastic sequel. On one side I love the mystery aspect of the film which involves Obi-Wan Kenobi trying to discover who assassinated Senator Padme Amidala but then on the other side you’ve got Anakin and Padme…falling in love. Ugh. And then on top of that it has the worst lightsaber duels out of the entire franchise.

9. The Phantom Menace


I used to love The Phantom Menace…as a child. But as I’ve grown older and Disney has taken the wheel of the franchise The Phantom Menace has become less and less appealing to watch. I still love seeing Darth Maul and Qui-Gon Jinn and Padme at her coolest but the overall movie is just boring. And don’t get me started on Jar Jar Binks. *shaking my head*

8. Return of the Jedi


This might be a surprise that I put Return of the Jedi at #8 but it’s here for only one reason…the Ewoks. When I was younger I loved the Ewoks. They were these cool teddy bears that lived on a beautiful forest moon with spears and tree huts. The last time I watched this movie the Endor scenes were so boring I struggled getting to the good scenes at the end. Now I love it when Luke faces Emperor Palpatine and when he fights Darth Vader but overall the movie can be quite a drag.

7. A New Hope


A New Hope is a great film. I mean, it’s literally the first Star Wars ever. There wouldn’t be all of these wonderful Star Wars movies without it. And even though it is such a beloved classic for me it’s just…kind of boring. Rogue One made it fun to watch again and the perfectly simple story is told brilliantly but I haven’t watched A New Hope in months simply because there are better Star Wars movies now. But I still love it though.

6. The Last Jedi

Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi

I would’ve never thought that The Last Jedi would end up in the bottom half of my favorite Star Wars movies but unfortunately it has. Frankly, the only reason why I enjoy the film as much as I do is because I love the characters so much but besides that the story of the film is really all over the place. It’s not that The Last Jedi is a bad movie per say but there are just better Star Wars films remaining that don’t need two and a half hours to tell a story that takes multiple viewings to understand. The Last Jedi could’ve been the best Star Wars movie ever made but unfortunately it isn’t. 

5. Revenge of the Sith


This movie is enjoyable from the beginning to the end. Anakin is still annoying but he isn’t as bad as when he’s in Attack of the Clones. Padme is a damsel in distress the entire movie but she’s not in the film too much so that’s good. The scenes with Obi-Wan are of course very enjoyable. Emperor Palpatine’s evil plan to wipe out the Jedi is still terrible to witness. And the duels between Obi-Wan and Anakin/Yoda and Palpatine are very entertaining. The best part of the movie to me is definitely the last few minutes of the film. Between seeing Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine watching the Death Star being built, getting a glimpse of Alderaan as Senator Organa takes baby Leia to his wife, and watching Obi-Wan give Luke to Owen Lars and his wife before walking off at the end the movie hits my inner magic button. This wasn’t the perfect way to end the prequel trilogy but it was very satisfying.

4. Solo: A Star Wars Story


I really thought Solo was going to be a mediocre film that would probably end up somewhere around Attack of the Clones on this list but surprisingly the movie turned out to be GREAT! Solo was an action-filled ride that didn’t slow down until the credits started rolling. The story was simple but perfect, the characters were spot on brilliant, and the movie was just a blast to watch. I haven’t had that much sheer fun watching a Star Wars movie since The Force Awakens nearly three years ago and that’s saying something. Solo was awesome. 🙂

3. The Force Awakens


Oh my goodness, The Force Awakens is such a ridiculously magical film. I went to see this movie FIVE times in the theaters because it was that incredible. I know J.J Abrams basically took the template of A New Hope and redid it but that’s what Star Wars needed at the time. We needed a film that would bring us both nostalgia and a sense of happiness that had obviously been missing since Return of the Jedi left the theater. The Force Awakens gave us that happiness in abundance and I can’t wait to see what J.J Abrams can do for the finale of this trilogy.

2. The Empire Strikes Back


The Empire Strikes Back is easily one of the best stories ever told in Star Wars and that’s why it’s ranked second on this list. Unlike The Last Jedi its story sets the heroes apart on their own adventures but it handles the situations so much more concisely. The only new character that is introduced into the movie is Lando Calrissian who plays a crucial role in the film rather than the likes of DJ or Admiral Holdo who were basically disposable stepping stones for certain characters’ growth. The Jedi training between Yoda and Luke feels magical in a way that wasn’t expressed in The Last Jedi. The romance is palpable, not cringe-worthy. And then the final sequence of the movie which takes place in the Cloud City takes The Last Jedi‘s final sequence to shame. The Empire Strikes Back is a GREAT movie.

1. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


I would’ve never thought Rogue One would end up being my favorite Star Wars film of all time but honestly it’s a perfect movie. Star Wars has always been a tale of family and destiny, good versus evil but Rogue One didn’t take on the usual template of Star Wars movies. Its main hero wasn’t a Jedi with the gift of the Force but rather a criminal-turned-rebellion leader. The notion of the Force wasn’t utilized into the film as a weapon or a magic trick dictated by a Jedi but rather as a belief, as a religion that spurred the heroes on but didn’t grant them invincibility. The main antagonist wasn’t some sinister Sith Lord but rather an Imperial officer. This movie didn’t even have a lightsaber duel! And yet despite its unconventionality the film shined in a gritty, war-torn way that hadn’t and still hasn’t been seen in a Star Wars movie before. And yes we got some delightful moments out of Darth Vader but he wasn’t utilized into the movie to keep people interested in the film. He was used to help set up the events of A New Hope and it was positively incredible. And while there are other movies in this list that are fundamentally better than this film Rogue One has grabbed hold of my heart strings and hasn’t let go yet.

So this is my long overdue updated list of the Star Wars movies. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day. May the Force be with you.

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