Qi’Ra or Lando: Who Should Have Their Own ‘Star Wars’ Story?

In the past week rumors have been circulating that Lucasfilm is putting a halt to the Star Wars stories and thankfully those wild rumors have been laid to rest, allowing me to continue to brainstorm about the characters in Star Wars who should have their own standalone films in the future. Solo definitely hinted at the possibility of a sequel but there also could be plenty of spin-offs stemming from the movie’s characters as it introduced us to characters who not only played impeccable roles in the film but also were surprisingly interesting at the same time. One of those brand new faces was Qi’Ra, a mysterious femme fatale with a dark secret. And then one of the more familiar faces belonged to Lando who became an instant fan favorite after Donald Glover’s suave rendition of the character. Between these two characters who brought such enjoyment to the film which should end up getting their own Star Wars story? That’s what I’m here to share with you. Enjoy!

Lando Calrissian

Lando Calrissian

When the first reactions for Solo came out there was a lot of praise surrounding Donald Glover’s portrayal of the character and for the most part I thought he did a fantastic job filling the shoes that Billy Dee Williams left behind. He definitely retained that charming, suave factor that makes Lando, well, Lando. And the fact that he said, “Han” instead of “Hahn” like people usually say Solo’s name was perfect.

The only disappointment I had with his character was how small his role in the movie actually ended up being. I figured we would finally get to see more Lando through this Star Wars story and he ended up doing less than he did in both The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. He was used as simply a set piece that helped spur Han’s achievements of flying and eventually winning the Millennium Falcon forward. Lando was cool but unfortunately he wasn’t given a chance to shine.


I didn’t realize I’d end up liking Qi’Ra as much as I did but she was kind of awesome. I loved how unassuming she is because if you look at her she doesn’t look like a dangerous woman. She’s beautiful, she’s fancy, well-taught, but she definitely doesn’t strike as a deadly assassin. That’s why when we get to see her in action it’s so AMAZING. She’s no joke. In the time that she was separated from Han she learned a lot and it was incredible watching her story unfold over the course of the film.

By the end of the movie she had become the villain (yes, she was the villain) and that’s totally unexpected in a Star Wars movie when women have either been subjected to either being doting mothers, damsels in distress, or powerful heroines. We rarely get to see that villainous side of women in the galaxy and so it was refreshing to see a change of narrative surrounding a female in a Star Wars film.

So which of these characters would I want to have a Star Wars story?


I’d definitely have to say I’d rather see a Qi’Ra Star Wars Story simply because I love the idea of a film centering around a female criminal overlord in the galaxy. There would be plenty of cool characters, some tantalizing action, maybe a bit of romance here and there (most likely not with Han,) and we’d get to see an entirely different side of Star Wars we haven’t seen before. Oh, and there’s Darth Maul as well. If she’s supposedly affiliated with him then there’s no doubt he’d make at least a brief appearance in the movie.

Lando would probably have an interesting standalone film as well, as it’s been proven, due to Black Panther, that people like to watch movies with lead characters of color. And isn’t it about time to get a Star Wars movie led by a character of color? I definitely think so. The only question is, can Lando handle a movie all by himself? He’s never been given a chance to play a lead role and I don’t know if I want to watch a movie focusing on Lando unless it’s truly awesome. But if anyone is going to pull that off Donald Glover would.

All in all, both of these characters should be considered for standalone films in the future but I’m hoping for one centering around Qi’Ra’s compelling story the most. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the Force be with you.

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