A Live-Action ‘Titans’ Show Is Coming Out Later This Year and Yet I’m Not Excited

Disney is making their own special streaming service which will feature movies, new shows under the Star Wars and Marvel franchises, and plenty of new entertainment to watch and it seems that DC Comics is doing the same thing as they’re bringing out their own DC Universe streaming service later this year which will feature plenty of original content as well. One of the shows that will appear on the streaming service is a live-action Titans show focusing on a group of young heroes led by none other than Robin.

I have to tell you, I’m a huge fan of the Teen Titans. I watched the animated Teen Titans show that lasted from 2003-2006 as a child and I LOVED it. When it finally stopped coming on I was kind of sad to see the Teen Titans go off air. Then Cartoon Network made another Teen Titans cartoon but switched it around into a hilarious comedy that I never miss because it’s so funny. One of the things I’ve always wanted to see, however, was a live-action Teen Titans film or tv show and the DC Universe streaming service is bringing that dream of mine to fruition. But now that I’ve seen a few behind-the-scenes pictures highlighting some of the characters I’m incredibly disappointed in how it looks. Here are the pictures.

Robin, a masked hero.

This is concept art for Robin and yeah, he looks really cool. Brenton Thwaites will portray that character and if you think that name is familiar then you might remember the young actor from last year’s Pirates of the Caribbean film where he played the role of Henry Turner. Yeah, he’s returning to take on the mantle of Robin this time around. That’s pretty cool.

Hawk and Dove, a powerhouse couple.

These are two other heroes that will make an appearance in Robin’s team. And while this concept art is also very cool this is just concept art.

This is how they will really look.

These are the two actors playing the roles of Hawk and Dove (Minka Kelly and Alan Ritchson) but is it just me or are there suits horrible looking? They look like two cosplayers taking a selfie at a superhero convention.

Look. At. That. Wig! Ahh!!!

And then this is Anna Diop playing guess who? Hot pink hair, purple clothes, which DC Comics character classically has that style? Um…Starfire! What the world! This is Starfire! She looks terrible! That wig looks so ridiculously cheap it’s almost laughable. Starfire is such a cool superhero and this rendition of the character does not look very appealing at all. And why did they give her that weird lipstick color that doesn’t flatter her at all? I’m so confused. I’m sure they could’ve made this beautiful actress look better than that.

Is it just me or does Beast Boy and Raven look a little…off?

And this is Beast Boy and Raven played by Ryan Potter and Teagan Croft. Um…first of all, Beast Boy’s hair is originally entirely green and his skin is always green as well. The fact that the actor playing the shapeshifting hero doesn’t look like the classic version of Beast Boy is already a no-no. And Raven, well, I’ll give Raven a chance. She’s the only character that I’ve seen so far that looks like kind of similar to the original design.

So after seeing these pics I wonder what Robin really looks like? *wince* I hope he doesn’t look as wack as Starfire.

I don’t know what’s going on but DC Comics just can’t seem to get things right. The idea of a live actions Teen Titans show should easily be one of the coolest and most appealing superhero television shows on right now but if you have these characters not portrayed by the right actors or just looking awful in these terrible costumes and wigs it’s not going to be pretty. The movies are bad enough. Don’t mess up the Teen Titans as well. 😦

I’m just hoping the first pictures for the live-action Star Wars show coming on Disney’s streaming service won’t look as horrid. *shrug*

What do you think about these pictures? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below and I thank you for reading. I hope you have a great day.


3 thoughts on “A Live-Action ‘Titans’ Show Is Coming Out Later This Year and Yet I’m Not Excited”

  1. I feel what you’re saying in your article, but you need to understand the teaser trailers’ are not even out yet for Titans (2018) also the only official pictures’ that are released are Robin and Hawk and Dove I think us comic book superhero fans should wait until the trailers and the actual series episodes are released on DC Universe the streaming service until we can fully judge, review and critique this new series based on Teen Titans

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