Should the Knights of Ren Still Wear Masks in ‘Episode IX’?

Episode IX is getting close to officially beginning filming and that means news about the film will probably be released within the next half year or so. One of the few, if only, topic that was not tampered with in The Last Jedi were the Knights of Ren.

We were introduced to the dark group in The Force Awakens through conversations between Snoke and Kylo Ren and a disturbing vision Rey obtained where we saw a quick flash of them. I think they were subtly hinted towards in The Last Jedi as Luke told Rey Ben Solo left his former burning Jedi temple with a handful of his students which definitely sounds like a nod towards the Knight of Ren. And it seems kind of inevitable that they will make their first official debut in this upcoming trilogy finale but things have changed since The Force Awakens.

Snoke is dead and Kylo Ren is the new Supreme Leader. And he has destroyed his old mask, no longer feeling that he needed to hide behind it anymore as it was a sign of weakness rather than intimidation or strength. So, will he let his fellow Knights of Ren followers to continue to be masked or will we finally get to see the faces behind these scary helmets?


The Knights of Ren are awesome for various reasons. I mean, look at them. They’re so cool. But imagine this picture with Kylo Ren standing menacingly without his helmet, his wet black hair blowing in the wind and his pale face wielding an intimidating snarl. Would it still look cool if his followers were still masked? I don’t know. Maybe instead of masks they could wear heavy hoods that frame their faces in shadow. That would be awesome.

I also think it would be exciting to see these characters without their helmets because immediately they become characters worth caring about. They aren’t looked at as faceless soldiers, resembling stormtroopers more than anything, but instead are thought of as individuals with purposes and feelings. When Kylo Ren had on his mask he was a heartless assassin but when we got the chance to see his face he became a comprehensible human being who I actually cared about. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see these Knights of Ren become just as interesting as Kylo Ren in their own respectable ways?

And I’m going to keep presenting this theory I’m about to tell you all because I think it’s SO cool and that it should happen in Episode IX. What if one of the Knights of Ren was a child of Luke’s? At first thought that seems impossible but if you really think about it that’s totally plausible and this is why.


Let’s say those rumors that an older actress being cast for a character named “Mara” (potentially Mara Jade) are true. What if Luke had a secret child with “Mara” and their child, son or daughter, ended up turning to the dark side along with their fellow cousin, Ben Solo? And we don’t get this major reveal until Episode IX as we’re introduced to Luke’s child for the first time as one of Ben’s fellow Knights of Ren. That would add an extra depth to Luke’s absence and would make for a very unexpected twist in the movie.

Of course, this is just a theory that probably won’t end up happening but what if it did? I would be so HAPPY!

So, anyway, um…yeah I would love to see the Knights of Ren unmasked. I think it would perfectly fit Kylo Ren’s new persona and like I said before, they should have heavy hoods that hides their identities in shadow. That would be so cool looking. (Please J.J Abrams. Think like me.)

Do you like the theory or the idea of the Knights of Ren not having masks. Share your opinion in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the Force be with you.

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