Should ‘Black Panther’ Have A Huge Presence At The Oscars?

When Marvel introduced Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War I don’t think Kevin Feige and the other minds behind Marvel Studios knew exactly the cultural phenomenon they were creating, as Kevin Feige has said that he didn’t think Black Panther would do as well as it ended up doing. Black Panther is the highest rated superhero movie on Rotten Tomatoes with a whopping 97% and is the second highest grossing superhero film of all time just behind Avengers: Infinity War which has made north of $2 billion (an incredible feat.) The reason why Black Panther is hailed with such praise isn’t simply because it’s the first predominantly black superhero blockbuster but it was also a very well written story with complex villains and ideals that shed a light on both fictional and real world problems.

Kevin Feige has already said that he believes Black Panther is the best film the MCU ever made (which I totally agree with) and now he’s considering presenting it to The Academy for Oscar consideration. But should Black Panther be part of the Oscar conversation? I think it should definitely be considered for more than just visual and sound effects, for a lot of hard work went into the making of this film.


For one, Ruth E. Carter should be nominated for her beyond impressive work making the costumes for this movie. None of the clothes or superhero suits that the characters were look terrible or fake. Everything is authentically designed with great attention to detail and perfectly fuses real African cultures into the clothing of these individual characters. If she doesn’t get nominated I am going to be very, very surprised (and upset) indeed.


Ludwig Göransson should be nominated for his musical score because it has clearly become one of my favorite scores in the MCU. It’s African and African-American themes mixed with the classic heroic aspect of a superhero movie makes this movie pop in ways that it wouldn’t if this music wasn’t part of it.

In terms of the actors I’m pretty sure none of them will be recognized for their work on the film but if there were an actor in this film that I would want to see get recognized for their acting talents I would say Michael B. Jordan deserves an Oscar Nomination.


He made the movie not only ten times more enjoyable when he started to assert himself into the fabric of things but his portrayal of the character was downright perfect. He was intimidating, comprehensible, complex, and at the end when he “died” (I don’t think he’s really dead) I actually get teary every time because it’s just so sad. He wasn’t really a bad guy, he was just a man bent on revenge, and that led to a whole lot of sorrow all around. If he had been helped as a child instead of being abandoned things could’ve been a lot different for him.

Now should the movie be considered for Best Picture? Um…I honestly don’t know. Last year’s nominees were: Lady Bird, DunkirkCall Me By Your NameThe PostThe Shape of WaterThree Billboards Outside Ebbing, MissouriDarkest HourGet Out, and Phantom Thread. All of these films are clearly better written stories than Black Panther and if this year’s Oscar nominees are just as good Black Panther probably won’t have a chance.

All in all, I’m glad to see that Kevin Feige is thinking of putting Black Panther up for Oscar consideration and I can’t wait to see which categories it ends up being nominated in.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day.

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