Iron Man or Captain America: Who’s Your Favorite?

Marvel has over two dozen superheroes in their reservoir now but remember the time when there only a select few heroes to get excited about? Iron Man was the first hero to be introduced in this franchise, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Captain America was the sixth hero to make his debut. Together they have gone on incredible adventures, saved the world a handful of times, and they have even fought each other when things went sour. Basically they’ve been through a lot. After ten years and ten combined movies Iron Man and Captain America seem to be the elders of the franchise as new faces and heroes make their own first appearances. So today, on this weekly segment of Who’s Your Favorite I’m asking you which of these ridiculously cool characters is your favorite? Here they are.

Iron Man


Iron Man was the first film in the MCU for a reason. Iron Man is awesome! Tony Stark’s charisma is fresh and exciting, charming and enjoyable, and he wasn’t like other superheroes that we had seen before. He wasn’t the benevolent hero like Superman or the dark vigilante like Batman. He was just a rich guy who happened to be very, very smart who ended up creating this Iron Man suit to save himself from captivity over in the Middle East. The concept of the Iron Man suit would end up changing his life forever of course and he actually ended up becoming a superhero. How cool is that?

Over the years his snarkiness and his clever wit has not changed but he has become a more, I guess, tamed version of himself. He isn’t as fluent at the parties, he doesn’t think of only himself anymore, and he’s learned to absorb the love of those around him whether than bat them away because he didn’t want the chance to be hurt. Iron Man has faced a lot of adversity and has overcome it all. Now we see him as a mentor to Peter Parker and as a man getting ready to settle down and have a family but unfortunately that’s when Thanos showed up. 😦

Iron Man is facing his biggest challenge yet but that won’t stop him from being the hero that he was always meant to be. When next he sees Thanos Thanos better run because Iron Man is going to be very, very, very angry. *thumbs up*

Captain America


Captain America has been through a lot as well. In fact, I think he’s gone through more than any other Avenger in the MCU so far. I mean, he saved the world from Red Skull’s dastardly plans but ended up getting frozen in ice in the process only to get awoken nearly a century into the future. (I wonder if he had a migraine after seeing Times Square? I know I would.) Then he nearly died in Captain America: The Winter Soldier but thankfully his best friend, Bucky Barnes, was there to save him. In Captain America: Civil War he was also almost killed by Iron Man (remember when Iron Man was about to blast him in the face) but once again Bucky saved his life again. And in Avengers: Infinity War he was almost killed by Thanos (thankfully his skin is basically titanium because he got quite the wallop to the face.) And that’s not even mentioning all of the other adversities and challenges he’s had to face.

Yet throughout his involvement in the MCU he has never stopped being a heroic, well, hero. If his sacrifice would save lives he wouldn’t care to give up his life for others in a heartbeat. He always strives to do what’s best for the world, no matter how hard that may be, and he never backs down from the face of evil. As he once (or twice) said, “I can do this all day.” He’s bold, he’s brave, he perfectly fits the namesake of his superhero identity, and that’s why Captain America is so awesome.


Of the two I’d have to say I’m an Iron Man fan simply because Iron Man was so magical to me as a child. To see this superhero with this red and gold iron suit flying through the sky and blasting bad guys with missiles and lasers was so cool to me and I still feel a hint of that sense of wonder whenever I see him. And Tony Stark is simply hilarious. His sarcasm is always spot on and he constantly manages to bring a smile to my face. Now if I was basing my favoritism over their movies Captain America would clearly win (he has the better films) but I really love Iron Man. He’s great.

So, who’s your favorite? Are you into the patriotic hero who never shrugs from a fight or do you like the genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading this week’s segment of Who’s Your Favorite and I hope you have a splendid day.

3 thoughts on “Iron Man or Captain America: Who’s Your Favorite?”

  1. Captain America all the way for me!

    Granted, I’ve not seen any Iron Man films, but I just can’t imagine he’d replace Cap’s place in my heart. ‘The First Avenger’ was my proper introduction to Marvel and the world of superheroes in general and while I’m more a DC girl these days, Cap will forever and always be my favorite superhero. His selflessness, kindness, quiet moments of humour, and *cough* good looks *cough* make him pretty much the epitome of what it means to be a superHERO. In my opinion. 😉

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