‘The Incredibles’ After ‘Incredibles II’

I went to see Incredibles II last Sunday and for the most part I enjoyed it. After not having seen The Incredibles in at least seven years it was nice reacquainting myself with the superhero family I had grown up with. But as I watched the movie I realized that while the film was well made and perfect in every sense of the word there was something about that just didn’t strike me as much as the first one did. But how could I be sure? I hadn’t seen The Incredibles in years. Was it really better than this highly-anticipated sequel that delivered a semi-scary villain and even more superheroes?! So, I watched The Incredibles last night after not having seen it in such a long time and as soon as the movie came on I was hit with an intense nostalgia punch I wasn’t expecting.


The Incredibles perfectly places us in a world where supers are still totally legal and awesome. We get to experience life as Mr. Incredible as he zips around town to stop bad guys and save lives while also trying not to miss the wedding that’ll marry him and his beloved Elastigirl. It seems like everything is great and then the lawsuits start. The supers are forced to disappear and that’s when the real story begins fifteen years later.


The Incredibles is such a perfectly constructed story because it doesn’t feel like a children’s movie. Yes, it’s animated and yes it’s got kids in it but Brad Bird didn’t write the film in the sense that this movie was going to be a children’s flick. He wrote it in the vein of a PG-13 superhero film but toned back on the adult themes enough to make it PG and I think that’s why this movie is spot on brilliant.

There’s family squabbles which feels natural in the context of the movie. There’s suspense as the movie presses on and situations for this heroic family quickly get worse and worse. There’s PLENTY of thrilling action from beginning to end. The music is downright phenomenal and is covering me with goosebumps just thinking about it. And the villain is utterly perfect for the film.


Syndrome, a one time super fan of Mr. Incredible, grows up to have a serious grudge against supers after Mr. Incredible treated him poorly as a child. He created high-tech weapons that pretty much made him super and concocted a plan to eliminate Mr. Incredible for his own personal reasons. His dastardly plan was legitimately evil and he felt like a villain worth fearing as he managed to continue to beat the heroes at every turn. And even though he was a pretty cliché villain he was so perfectly written into the movie that it didn’t even matter.


I’m still positively reeling over how the good this movie is. Especially the plane scene which happens to be my favorite part of the movie. Elastigirl is finally getting herself together and going on a mission to save her husband. She discovers that Violet and Dash happened to stow away on board and everything seems all good and well. But then the scene cuts to Mr. Incredible who’s been captured and when Syndrome finds out Helen Parr is coming to the island he’s being detained on Syndrome decides to end their airplane trip a little short.

This is easily one of the best action scenes I have ever seen of any film. Elastigirl goes straight into hero mode as she evades missiles with a plane like it’s a fighter jet but she can only do so much. The music perfectly sets up the suspense, the intensity of the action and the desperate situation is riveting, and it’s just such a well composed sequence. Gosh, I’m covered in goosebumps right now.


The Incredibles isn’t just a good children’s movie. It’s a great movie period. It’s easily in my top three of best superhero films ever made because it’s so original even today after ten years of nonstop superhero movies. In fact, watching it after having seen the countless MCU films and several DC Extended Universe movies it’s quality has actually gotten better over the years. There’s never been a superhero family depicted on the big screen until The Incredibles and it was a beautiful story to tell. We see Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl having to deal with their inner conflicts as husband and wife and former superheroes. We get to see an origin story for both Violet and Dash as they get to discover their powers freely for the first time. And together these four heroes make up a truly awesome super team.

If you’ve never seen The Incredibles you should DEFINITELY watch it. It won an Oscar back in 2004 and it totally deserves it. This movie is in every sense of the word incredible and I’m so glad I reacquainted myself with it.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day.


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