‘A Quiet Place’ Is The Best Sci-Fi Movie I’ve Seen In Years

When I saw the trailer for A Quiet Place I immediately knew I wanted to see this movie. I’m not a fan of scary movies in the slightest. I can barely watch leastwise hear The Exorcist and I’ve just recently gotten the guts to watch The Shining all the way through. Scary movies are my allergy but this film felt like something I had to see. I’ve never seen a movie where the premise is that you have to stay completely silent to avoid being found by a mysterious something or else you will perish. I knew this film was going to be scary but the premise sounded too original and cool not to watch. I ended up missing the opportunity to see it in the movie theaters but last night I finally got to see it at home and it was surprisingly better than I expected.


A Quiet Place is about a family who in a post-apocalyptic world where any sound can get them killed are just trying to survive. The movie starts a little slow but soon establishes the seriousness of the situation the family is going through in a legitimately horrifying fashion. The story then showcases the family living a somewhat ordinary life despite their obvious noise-making hindrance but when life hits with a bang things go awry real fast.

What impressed me the most about this film is its realistic situations. This movie could’ve easily turned south real fast by having the family participate in wild escapades that would’ve turned the film into a typical PG-13 action film where the protagonists are supposedly invincible (like Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.) The writers for A Quiet Place, however, kept the suspense up and never let the movie get corny in any way. Let me give you an example. SPOILERS AHEAD!


At one point in the movie Emily Blunt’s character, Evelyn, was about to have a baby. Now remember if you make any noise the mystery killers will find you and kill you within seconds of you making a sound. So here she is, literally about to have a baby but she can’t scream or anything and yet she’s still managed to make enough noise where the mystery killer is in the same house as she is searching for the source of the sound.

The movie then takes us on a horrifying ride as we watch her in agonizing pain trying to make as little noise as possible while about to give birth and evade the killer at the same time. She eventually ends up in a bathtub where her water breaks but the killer is still after her. Thankfully her family understands the desperate situation she is in and they light fireworks to lure the killer away.

Now here’s the problem, she might be able to not make a sound but the newborn baby is destined to cry as all babies do. When John Krasinski’s character, Lee, goes to help her he discovers that she’s in possession of their newborn son and he knows he needs to act quick before they’re both goners. He hurries her downstairs to a hideout he’s created specifically designed to muffle sound and just as the baby begins to wail and the killer has picked up the noise they manage to seclude themselves in the hideout.

It’s a breath-of-relief sort of moment and instead of it being a pure ridiculous situation that’s not at all sensible the entire movie was written with these suspense-filled, realistic moments that only escalated the movie’s quality big time.

My Conclusion of the Film


I’ve seen a lot of sci-fi movies in my life but this is one that will definitely stick in my brain for a while. It was legitimately terrifying at times and made me jump way more often than I wanted it to. The acting was superb and despite the fact that there was next to zero talking in the film the intensity of the emotions that went through these characters was all the movie needed. And the one hour and thirty minute run time was perfect. If the film had gone on for another five or ten minutes the movie’s substance would’ve quickly been diminished but this movie told a story and once the story was finished it was over. Simple as that.

The last enjoyable sci-fi film that I watched that involved aliens was Edge of Tomorrow in 2014, which ironically starred Emily Blunt. And of course, Interstellar that year was also just downright phenomenal and is now one of my favorite movies of all time. But sense then the best sci-fi movies I’ve seen have been The Martian (which was nominated for a Best Picture) and Arrival (which was also nominated for a Best Picture) and A Quiet Place is clearly better than both of those films combined.

A Quiet Place‘s story is original, I love the family dynamic, and it ends with a resounding finale that will leave you completely satisfied. I give this film a 93 out of a 100 and 4 out of 5 stars. It isn’t the greatest movie ever made and with its silence it can be a tad bit boring at times but it’s awfully well written and directed and should be considered for Best Picture this year for sure.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet I highly advise you to check it out because it’s definitely, in my opinion, worth the watch. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.


2 thoughts on “‘A Quiet Place’ Is The Best Sci-Fi Movie I’ve Seen In Years”

  1. I liked the movie well enough, but didn’t buy the whole conceit that somehow, with all the guns and military in the country, these things couldn’t just be killed off. Especially given how the woman just shoots one dead at the end. A bit illogical, but such a great execution of sound.

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    1. That is an interesting point. The only flaw I obtained from the movie was the fact that the film never told us where the aliens came from. Were they invaders from a meteor crash? Did they arrive in a ship which seems unlikely considering how primitive they seemed? Or were they some homegrown disease that possibly mutated humans into these horrific creatures? The fact that I have to ask these questions is a problem. But the movie was overall a delight to watch.


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