Breaking News: The Black Widow Movie Has Found A Director

For years Marvel fans have been clamoring for a Black Widow movie to be made, as she stood as one of Marvel’s earliest and most compelling characters…and yet it never happened. We’ve seen characters as discreet as Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, and the Guardians of the Galaxy get films of their own but one of the franchise’s earliest players wasn’t even thought of having a feature film? Granted she and Hawkeye, who are both assassins and part of the earliest Avengers squad, haven’t had their own film but she’s so much more interesting than Hawkeye. (Sorry Barton.) Shouldn’t she get her own movie?

Well, Marvel is finally bringing this project into full swing and today it has just been announced that a director has been found to helm this hero’s long-awaited standalone film.


Her name is Cate Shortland and her best known work has been LoreSomersault, and Berlin Syndrome. I haven’t seen any of these movies but I’m sure she’s going to do a great job because Marvel rarely gets their casting wrong. And mostly this news excites me because they decided to get a female director to helm this movie.

They could’ve easily found a man to direct the vision of Black Widow’s story but having a woman tell this story through the lens will give the film a much needed femininity. That’s why Wonder Woman was so great. We got to see Wonder Woman’s origin story through a woman’s eyes and it was magnificent.

I’m so excited to learn more about this movie as it slowly develops and to eventually see it in 2020. It’s going to be awesome indeed. 🙂

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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Gives Us First Looks At These Main Characters

Wonder Woman was a global success last year as it broke records and proved that female superheroes can rule the box-office. It’s the only DC Extended Universe film to receive critic appraisal for its simple but well composed story and glorious imagination. And now, two years after its arrival, its sequel will be upon us. So, in the light of Wonder Woman 1984 letting its presence be known at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, here are some photos giving us a first look at the movie.

Steve Trevor Has Come Back To Life?


Steve Trevor looks clearly out of place in this mall filled with the hairstyles and fashions of the 80s’. But that’s not the most bizarre thing about this picture? How is that Steve Trevor is supposedly still alive, perfectly intact, and doesn’t seem to have aged a day and yet it’s over fifty years into the future? Has he had Steve Roger syndrome and is this a narrative plothole waiting to happen?

In Justice League Diana Prince told Cyborg about how losing Steve Trevor was one of the hardest things she’s ever faced. But if he’s not dead are we supposed to assume that she was lying to Cyborg and that Steve Trevor is really alive as an old man somewhere. These questions will hopefully be answered in this Wonder Woman sequel.

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How Women Have Evolved in Marvel: Part 2

Yesterday I wrote a post looking at how women were portrayed in the MCU for the first five years of the franchise and it’s a rather dismal realization at how uninteresting most of the women were. They were mostly sappy love interests who only furthered their male counterpart’s stories and even Black Widow was depicted mostly as eye candy rather than being a powerful hero in her own right. So today it’s Part 2 of this evolution analysis and I’m super excited to see how the last five years in the MCU has ultimately changed the way women are treated in this franchise. Enjoy!

(This is a longread.)



Black Widow starred in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and for the first time we got to see her in a brighter light as she didn’t have powerful personalities like Tony Stark drowning out her grandeur. And even though she playfully flirted with Steve Rogers for the majority of the movie it didn’t feel out of place. In fact, it felt perfectly natural in the context of their relationship and helped establish a friendship between the two characters that hadn’t been as visible in The Avengers. This was the first time I realized how exactly awesome Black Widow and thankfully her coolness hasn’t diminished since.


The Winter Soldier also established a new female agent in the MCU in the form of Agent 13. Hints were definitely provided that she and Steve had an attraction towards each other but thankfully that was never utilized into the film as a crutch for unnecessary romance. And I loved that she could handle her own in a fight as well. She wasn’t some damsel-in-distress that Steve Rogers had to save at all in the film.


Guardians of the Galaxy introduced to the MCU the first female hero of color with Gamora. Gamora is clearly a great character as she was established as a trained assassin of Thanos but unfortunately she never reached the potential that she could have. Throughout the movie we see her utilized into the film mainly as Star-Lord’s love interest and she never seemed to move far beyond that mold.

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