‘The Last Jedi’ After a ‘Star Wars’ Marathon

Yesterday on TNT they were having a Star Wars marathon and since it was a chill Sunday for me I decided to watch it. I came into the marathon at the last twenty minutes or so of Revenge of the Sith and watched every movie after that which stretched through twelve hours of my day. It was a blast sitting on my couch letting the television feed me Star Wars movies all day but once The Force Awakens ended the party, thankfully, wasn’t over. I turned on The Last Jedi expecting it to be a viewing of mediocre enjoyment and ended up discovering just how incredible The Last Jedi truly is. So, I’m going to share with you all my experience watching The Last Jedi after participating in a Star Wars marathon. Enjoy!

Luke Skywalker

luke-skywalker-main_5a38c454_461eebf5 (2)

Luke Skywalker, in the original trilogy, was the epitome of heroism. He blew up the first Death Star, he became a Jedi, he saved Darth Vader who in turn defeated Emperor Palpatine. In short, he was a legend and his story is made all the more mythical in The Force Awakens. He’s not a character whose story we get to follow throughout The Force Awakens. We only hear of his disappearance and his failings as one of his apprentices turned against him. It isn’t until the end of The Force Awakens that we get to see him again, in the flesh, standing on the cliffs of Ach-To looking morbid as ever.

In The Last Jedi we see him as a broken man who’s been beaten down mentally over the last thirty years. He’s not the same hero we once knew and it’s a jarring realization but in the context of the entire Skywalker saga it feels…right. I always imagined a happy ending for Luke but Rian Johnson gave us instead a realistic approach to his final chapter. Could we really expect Luke to be the exact same person that he was thirty years before? No. Han had changed, Leia had changed as well, why couldn’t Luke change, even if it wasn’t the pretty picture that we could’ve predicted?

But Rian Johnson redeemed Luke by the end of the movie as he stops hiding from the rest of the universe and decides to once again become the legend that we grew to know and love so much. It’s a powerful way to end his story (at least as a Jedi in the flesh) and pay homage to the incredible legacy that he has built over the decades.

As he became one with the Force I couldn’t help but get emotional but I didn’t feel sad. I instead felt joyous because it was the perfect way to end his story. May the Force be with you, Luke.

The Finn/Rose Dynamic

Oh my goodness. I LOVE Finn and Rose. They are literally perfect for each other in nearly every way. Both of them were relative grunts of their factions (Finn was a sanitation worker, Rose is a mechanic) and that led them to learning the inner workings of both the First Order and the Resistance. Together they used their knowledge to come up with a plan to help the Resistance and during their secret mission they began to acquire feelings for one another.

The wonderful thing about Rose is she’s such a sweet character. We’ve seen good guys and bad guys, fierce heroines and evil villains, but we’ve never seen a genuinely sweet character and that’s what makes Rose so special in the context of the entire saga. And her involvement in the movie is so perfect.

Rose had just lost her sister Paige but there to fill that void was Finn who she discovered wasn’t just a hero but an awfully nice person at the same time. He was such a hero in fact that he was willing to kill himself! to save the Resistance but she didn’t allow that to happen.

So she saved him, told him she loved him, gave him a kiss, and then fell unconscious. I honestly had to hold back the waterworks at that moment because it was SO sweet. Finn and Rose are totally meant for each other and I can’t wait to see them together again in Episode IX. *sniffle* I think Rose has become one of my new favorite characters. 🙂

Kylo Ren and Rey


Another thing that made this movie so riveting was the connection between Kylo Ren and Rey. In the context of the entire saga we’ve never seen two Force wielders of opposite sides have a relationship like the one Kylo and Rey have and that’s why it’s so special. Rian Johnson made an excellent choice to bring them together in this film not as enemies but instead as potential…lovers? I don’t know. Nearly their entire time together in the movie is intimate but the hand touching scene is clearly one of the most intimate scenes in the Star Wars franchise.

They have one of the most beautiful and complicated relationships I have ever seen in any movie and it’s one of the coolest ideas Rian Johnson brought to the table of this current trilogy. It’s like Anakin and Padme all over again. They’re drawn to each other like magnets but they can’t exactly be together at the same time. Will they end up together in happiness or are they destined to fight one another for the rest of their lives? I can’t wait to find out.

The Resistance

Resistance ski speeder

Through the entire Star Wars franchise the good guys have occasionally lost here and there but there has never been a lack of hope. Yes, the Republic might’ve been taken over by Palpatine and transformed into the Empire but there was still hope in the galaxy that the Empire would be dethroned. The Last Jedi is the first Star Wars movie to place the heroes in such a precarious situation that it seems like all hope is lost. The Resistance is constantly pulverized, rebels die gruesome deaths, and even Leia, towards the end of the moviehas lost all hope. How can this be? Even…Leia ends up losing hope? What?!

Rian Johnson may not have killed off any major characters (besides Luke who didn’t exactly die) but he brought a dark and grim tone to The Last Jedi that felt downright perfect for the eighth installment of the saga. With the galaxy in such a state of disarray it’ll be very interesting to see how the Resistance can bring that spark, that hope, back to the galaxy.

The Overall Movie Experience

I didn’t realize how brilliantly Rian Johnson wrote The Last Jedi until you see it after every other Star Wars movie. It was as if he took elements of the prequel and original trilogies, incorporated the characters and storylines from The Force Awakens, and mashed them together to make this incredible story called The Last Jedi.

I am so excited to see a Rian Johnson trilogy because he definitely knows how to make an amazing Star Wars movie. No, it isn’t an action movie like The Force Awakens but it is something better. It’s a story that’s so brilliantly complex that it just might be the best written Star Wars movie ever made. Rogue One is, currently still my favorite Star Wars movie of all time, but The Last Jedi has definitely become tied for second place with The Empire Strikes Back.

So, as you can probably tell, my Star Wars marathon was AMAZING and I’m excited to do it again one day. 🙂

I thank you for reading my experience and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the Force be with you.

2 thoughts on “‘The Last Jedi’ After a ‘Star Wars’ Marathon”

  1. Hi Annlyel, you forgot to mention seeing Harry Potter’s great, great, great, great, great, great grandson twice removed at the end of TLJ cleaning out the stables with his broom!
    Talk about crossovers, Rian Johnson must have seen my “Abietes Conum” Harry Potter themed lightsaber and decided to put a HP character in the movie!

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