Wait a Minute…Luke’s Lightsaber Is Gone!

Rian Johnson’s main goal in The Last Jedi was to move Star Wars beyond the past and into the future by tearing down some of its strongest foundations such as pretending that the Jedi are the galaxy’s almighty saints when really their foolish confidence allowed Emperor Palpatine to create an army right beneath their noses that ended up destroying them. Or taking away the kind perception of Luke Skywalker and turning him into a flawed man who had lost all hope in what he claimed he believed in the most the last time we saw him; the Jedi. Or simply erasing the idea of the Jedi altogether by having Yoda strike lightning on Ach-To’s Jedi library tree. Now we know Rey had already taken the ancient Jedi relics from within the trees confines but the idea of the Jedi is what Yoda caused to go up in a spout of flames.

And there were many more ideas Rian destroyed from its predecessor, The Force Awakens, such as Snoke. He completely busted all of our theoretical bubbles by killing him out of the movie in an even less ceremonious fashion than Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace. He obliterated the idea that Rey was the daughter of someone special. And he nearly wiped out the entire Resistance to make the First Order the new rulers of the galaxy.

But while all of these larger ideas and characters were being torn asunder I completely didn’t realize that one of the most iconic pieces of Star Wars history had also been destroyed right under our noses and that is the annihilation of Luke’s lightsaber. Yes, the lightsaber.


The lightsaber that graced this epic Star Wars poster in 1977. The first lightsaber that was ever seen in Star Wars. The lightsaber that had survived four movies, five wielders, and had even been reclaimed by Luke from the lost depths of the gaseous planet, Bespin, has finally found its end in, unsurprisingly, The Last Jedi.


I can’t believe it. This is such an iconic lightsaber and its gone, completely torn in half. Who would’ve ever thought that would happen? It’s a stunning realization.

Like I said before, Rian Johnson’s main goal was to shake up the narrative of Star Wars and destroying Luke’s lightsaber was a big part of that. It’s a sacred weapon. For it to become another victim in The Last Jedi shows how different this movie was going to be.

I’m still kind of shocked at the choice Rian Johnson made to have it, like so many other things in this movie, become history but if it was ever going to come to an end I’m glad it was destroyed in a rather epic fashion, for it was torn apart by the incredible strength of Kylo Ren and Rey trying to Force pull it to them. Their power was too much and the ancient lightsaber paid the price for it. Awesome.


I also feel that, because Rian Johnson’s decisions in the movie were often paramount to the movie’s progression, the lightsaber being cloven in half had to have been symbolic of something. I’ve watched the movie quite a bit of times so I figure what the halved weapon represents in context with the story is probably to symbolize this.

Luke is dead. He’s no longer going to be around to save the galaxy from another terrible evil and with his death not only did he pass away but his lightsaber became history along with him. As Rey is holding the cleaved weapon in her hands at the end of the movie as she sits in the Millenium Falcon it’s a sign that it’s time for her to move forward as well. She needs to create her own path, her own lightsaber, and Luke Skywalker will not be there to help her, in any way, shape, or form.

It’s a powerful revelation and while I am sad to see his lightsaber is gone it served its purpose very well throughout its five movie run and I can’t wait to see Rey’s new lightsaber. Hopefully it’ll be a double lightsaber like Darth Maul had because her first weapon was her quarterstaff and that would make her clearly the coolest Jedi ever!

Well, I thank you for reading my post and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the Force be with you.




6 thoughts on “Wait a Minute…Luke’s Lightsaber Is Gone!”

  1. Hi Annlyel, yes it was a novel way to destroy an iconic symbol – literally pulling it apart but I would remind you that it was Anakin’s saber. Anakin first built the “Legacy” saber and it was passed onto Luke. Luke built his own saber in a cave on Tatooine so ….from a certain point of view…..Rian didn’t destroy Luke’s saber he destroyed the “Skywalker” saber (probably in an attempt to destroy the original family and story). But Rian messed up his sabotage big time and that will give hope as there is a beautiful emerald green bladed saber out there in the Galaxy waiting to be found – maybe in a submerged X-Wing?

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  2. Hi again, yes I enjoyed the post, I was just trying to raise morale a little with my musings – I wasn’t sabotaging your post.
    And I nearly forgot, there is still the mystery of where Qui-Gon’s hilt is yet to be solved. Thanks MTFBWY!

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      1. It seems Obi-Wan is just as bad as General Grievous at collecting lightsabers! It was theorised that Kenobi took it and it was either in the Jedi Temple Vaults or his Tatooine hut (the latter was another theory where Luke found it when he returned to Kenobi’s home between ESB and ROTJ and used Qui-Gon’s green crystal to build his own saber) Either way that means there may be the possibility of these “relics” (Luke’s and Qui-Gon’s sabers) resurfacing.

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