Who’s Your Favorite ‘Star Wars’ Character of the Current Trilogy?

Another glorious week has passed and it has definitely been an exciting week for Star Wars fans. The Clone Wars cartoon was announced to be getting a final season which will debut on Disney’s new streaming service and the official cast announcement for Episode IX was released on Friday. So, in the spirit of Star Wars, this week’s segment is focused on, well, Star Wars characters of the current trilogy. Who’s your favorite of the new troupe? Here are the characters.



Until Finn there had never been a story about a stormtrooper-turned-rebel fighter and that’s why Finn is so great. He’s a special man and on top of that he is as heroic as they come. He didn’t have to turn against the First Order but he did because he knew the First Order was wrong in what they were doing. He didn’t have to save Poe but he did (mainly because he needed a pilot’s help.) He didn’t have to save Rey from getting killed by the stormtroopers on Jakku but he did because he’s a good man.

I could keep going on and on about his heroics but you get the point. All of the heroic things he did he didn’t have to do. He could’ve remained a mindless stormtrooper who does what he’s told despite the obvious fact that he would be doing wrong or he could make a difference and defy those who wanted him to kill innocents without mercy. I’m glad he took the latter. (Finn’s great.) 🙂

Poe Dameron

Poe Dameron, Star Wars‘ finest pilot. A lot of times when I used to hear the term “Best Pilot in the Galaxy” it never was truly visible but with Poe there’s no doubt he’s the greatest pilot in the galaxy. His maneuvers and tricks are so spot on perfect I simply can’t wait to see what new flying marvels he’ll show in the next movie. Poe is AWESOME!

Rose Tico

Rose Tico

Rose isn’t your typical hero. She’s not the glorified Resistance fighter, she’s not the awesome pilot that makes people whoop with joy when she zips in an X-Wing, she’s not a Jedi, she’s simply a mechanic. A character you’d see in the background walking by and that’s what makes her so special. I love her sweet personality and her unyielding strength to fight evil. She may not look like the toughest soldier on the battlefield but Rose is a force to be reckoned with.

Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren isn’t your typical Star Wars villain. Most villains aren’t given their own personal story that we follow. They are usually just the characters that we want the protagonists to defeat. Kylo Ren is the exact opposite. Yes he’s evil, yes he wants to kill the good guys and take over the galaxy, but his mission isn’t exactly evil. He thinks he’s doing what is right for the galaxy because of the traumatic experiences he faced growing up.

Kylo Ren is a disillusioned man with a serious need of companionship and I honestly feel a sense of empathy for him. He’s also really cool too. 🙂



If you had told me eight years ago that the new face of Star Wars was going to be a woman I would’ve laughed. It would’ve been an exciting prospect but I would’ve still laughed because the thought was simply impossible to conceive at that time. Well, now that thought has become reality and I couldn’t be happier.

They found the perfect person to play Rey and I simply can’t wait to see her return in Episode IX more awesome than ever.

So, which of these characters is your favorite? Do you love Finn for his unbridled heroism or is Poe’s lovable charm more your style? Is Rose the character you’ve always dreamed of in Star Wars? Or are you more of a Rey person for her constant awesomeness or a Kylo Ren fan for his constant, cool grumpiness?

Me, personally, I have Rey and Kylo Ren tied for first place with Finn at a very close second. There’s something about the both of them that is just SO perfect. They’re perfectly cast, perfectly written characters that I can’t imagine Star Wars being without and I’m so excited to see them confront each other again in Episode IX.

Well, that’s this week’s segment of Who’s Your Favorite? I thank you for reading and I can’t wait to see which current trilogy Star Wars character stands out to you the most. Have a beautiful day and May the Force be with you.



2 thoughts on “Who’s Your Favorite ‘Star Wars’ Character of the Current Trilogy?”

  1. Well done synopsis of all the human characters in the new trilogy. I point that out because my favorite character in the new SW trilogy is BB8! This little droid has TONS of personality and is as good as R2D2 in helping his buddies get out of trouble. In fact, I would argue that it was BB8 who helped Finn be as funny as he was in the Episode VII (and I say this partially because Finn definitely was lacking humor in Episode VIII). Anyway, BB8 is my favorite for the new trilogy.
    Nicely done, and I look forward to reading who your favorite is.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I forgot about BB-8. Yes, BB-8 is easily the cutest and coolest droid ever to appear in ‘Star Wars’. My favorite character (or characters) in the new trilogy is Rey and Kylo Ren. They are both so unique and perfectly cast that I have them at a tie. I love them both. 🙂

      I thank you for your comment and great selection. BB-8 is awesome. 🙂


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