Should Captain America and Black Widow Have Gotten Together?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has, up to this point, been pretty impeccably designed story wise. New characters are introduced into the franchise at the right time, the films move together in a nearly seamless transition that hasn’t really been achieved before, and overall everything about the MCU is great. But, along the way, there have been a few bumps on the road. One of the biggest mistakes, in my opinion, that was decided in the creative process of these characters was the romantic relationship between Black Widow and The Hulk.


Every romance that has played out so far in the MCU has had a time to evolve. Tony Stark and Pepper’s romance has changed and shifted throughout the entire existence of the MCU so far. Now they’re finally about to get married but Thanos showed up. Uh-oh.

The romance between The Hulk and Black Widow was so uncomfortably abrupt they didn’t even reveal that the two characters were going to be in a romantic relationship in the advertising for the film. That’s how unneccessary and terrible it was. And what made it worse was it seemed like the writers were setting up a potential romance between Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff.


The Winter Soldier featured some casual flirting between the two characters as they set on a mission to find out what was happening within S.H.I.E.L.D but by the end of the movie it seemed pretty obvious that there might be at least something between them. And I was totally into it as well. Their chemistry was great, they worked well together on missions, why shouldn’t they be a super couple?

The simple fact that Black Widow briefly ended up having a romance with Bruce Banner (ick) and Captain America ended up with his first lover’s great grand-niece (double ick) is just a bit unfortunate to me. And obviously their relationships haven’t worked so well for them either.

The Hulk practically dumped Natasha so now they’re back on the just-friends status. And Sharon Carter a.k.a Agent 13 is so unimportant to the whole scope of things that it’s going to be really hard to incorporate her into these movies without it feeling like a forced cameo so we can stay reminded that she and Steve are now a couple.

For the most part, I definitely think Captain America and Black Widow getting together would’ve been the perfect route to take but the franchise is still great as it is so I’m not too bummed about it.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a splendid day.

2 thoughts on “Should Captain America and Black Widow Have Gotten Together?”

    1. Exactly! Captain America and Black Widow were so perfect together and then the creators (I’m guessing Joss Whedon) decided to completely change the script. It’s an unfortunate loss but who knows? Maybe they’ll profess their love for one another in ‘Avengers 4’ and make all of us Cap/Widow shippers happy. 🙂


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