This ‘Star Wars’ Fan Theory About Rey’s Parents Will Blow. Your. Mind!

One of the biggest mysteries that sprouted from The Force Awakens was the secret identity of Rey’s parents. The whole story of Star Wars is heavily themed around the idea of family. In the original trilogy Luke found out his father was Darth Vader (*gasp*) and his sister was his best friend, Princess Leia. These two twists were huge reveals and plot points in Luke’s journey and the overall trilogy.

In the prequel trilogy Anakin’s downfall was because of his attachment to the people he loved. He lost his mother, which was the first peg that fell out of his equilibrium. And then the thought of losing Padme sent him over the edge.

Now the current trilogy has circled around the aspect of family in the plotlines between Han, Leia, and their dark side son, Kylo Ren, but Rey is just as important in the family department. We just don’t know who her family is exactly.

Kylo Ren dropped a bombshell by saying Rey’s parents were essentially nobodies who died in Jakku but that just isn’t true. In fact, I have the proof which you can read here. But the question of who her parents could actually be is still lingering out there for us to hopefully and decisively discover.

I’ve read a lot of theories over the past three and a half years about who she could be related to but this latest one is so legit it’s almost scary. So, of course, I had to share it with you and my thoughts on the theory. Enjoy!

The Theory

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In a new theory posed by Film Threat, the upcoming Star Wars IX might reveal the truth about Rey’s parents, who could be two characters we know pretty well. According to this theory, Rey is the child of Han Solo and Qi’ra, his first love who we met in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Okay, I know this sounds a little weird as you begin doing the math in your heads about the timeline but just hear this theory out.


In this scenario, Han at some point cheated on Leia and had a child with Qi’ra. Which is shitty, but would explain why Leia and Han broke up and why Kylo hates his father.

I’ve always wondered why Kylo Ren had such an anger towards his father. We all know Han is a scoundrel, a cheat, a liar, etc. but he’s also a good man at heart. I’m sure, to a certain extent, he was a great father to Ben Solo. So why would he harbor such an animosity toward the man that brought him to life? If Han Solo did have an affair when Ben was about ten/eleven-years-old it would make total sense why Ben turned out the way that he did.


It also works in terms of the Force. Leia is on the Light Side and had a Dark Side child, while Qi’ra has ties to the Dark Side and had a Light Side child. This is the balance to the Force that Rey was seeing while training with Luke. It also explains the sibling-like connection between Rey and Kylo, which mirrors that of Luke and Leia.

Mic drop! This makes SO MUCH SENSE! I’ve always thought the connection between Rey and Kylo Ren was too strong to be coincidental. This trilogy, so far, has basically followed the same footsteps of the original trilogy with the occasional twist here and there. When I first saw the interactions between Kylo and Rey in The Force Awakens I thought they were siblings but then the math didn’t play out right in my head, which therefore dissuaded that theory. But if they’re actually half-brother/half-sister that would be such an incredible twist to the trilogy. (Just don’t kiss before you all find out you are siblings. We don’t need another Luke/Leia moment.)


If Qi’ra abandoned Rey on Jakku, it’s possible that Han had tracked her down (or been keeping an eye on her over the years), which is why the Millennium Falcon was so conveniently on her planet. Within the context of this theory, other moments from The Force Awakens make a lot more sense, like Rey’s interactions with both Leia and Han, who knew she was tied to the family (remember when Leia ignored Chewbacca and everyone else to greet Rey?).

This also makes a ridiculous amount of sense too. I’ve always thought it interesting the way Han and Rey finished each other’s sentences and seemed to have this immediate bond. It was like as if they were thinking the exact same things, but in a kinship sort of way. There’s also no coincidence how quickly attached Han became to Rey. He knew her for a matter of hours and yet he wanted her to join his crew and everything. I don’t think he would treat a stranger in that way unless he felt an extreme closeness to them. (He sure enough didn’t treat Finn the same way.)

And the way Maz Kanata asked Han Solo “Who’s the girl?” always seems a bit fishy to me.


And if Qi’Ra is the mystery mother it makes sense because she has an English accent just like Rey. And, in the context that Kylo Ren said her parents were dead, that could definitely be true because Han is dead and Qi’Ra is most likely deceased as well. So Rey would still be alone in the world but at least we would have solace in knowing who her parents are.

And at the end of the day, Han truly loved Qi’Ra way before he knew Leia. If he did happen to come across her again in his older age maybe something would go down where he ended up having a secret love child with her in the form of Rey.

Who knows if this theory is correct or not but it’s so awesome that I kind of hope it’s true. Not only is it a perfect way to connect Solo with this current trilogy but to think that Qi’Ra is potentially Rey’s mother is very, very cool indeed.

Unfortunately, we still have over a year and a half to find out the resolution of this great mystery. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day. May the Force be with you.

(Oh, I hope this theory is correct.) 🙂

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    1. I know! It’s practically mind blowing how perfect this theory. It’s so perfect in fact that I, frankly, don’t want another conclusion to this mystery. Hopefully J.J Abrams is thinking the same thing as this fan theorist. 🙂

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