Should Anakin Skywalker Make An Appearance in ‘Episode IX’?

For the past two Star Wars movies in this current trilogy rumors have circulated that Anakin Skywalker would make an appearance in the films. In The Force Awakens they went far enough to create concept art showcasing Anakin Skywalker who would have appeared in Rey’s vision. He, unfortunately, didn’t make it into the end product of the film.

In The Last Jedi it was rumored that Rey would experience in one of her Force-training exercises a vision where one of the sea monsters (that Luke ended up milking) was living in a cave and it would transform into Anakin Skywalker. (That sounds reminiscent of Luke’s vision in the cave on Dagobah.) That also didn’t end up happening.

That rumor from The Last Jedi seemed all the more palpable because Hayden Christensen showed up at some Star Wars conventions last year, which he has’t done in a while.

No rumors have started circulating about Anakin making an appearance in Episode IX but if this is supposedly the Skywalker saga finale shouldn’t he be in it in some form or another? It’s already rumored that Darth Vader is going to make a cameo appearance so maybe he won’t show up after all.

Do I think he should be in the movie? Yeah, why not? I would love to see a Force Ghost Anakin Skywalker talk a little bit of sense into his deranged grandson, Ben Solo. I think it would be positively awesome. And one thing J.J Abrams knows how to do is to deliver a lot of fan-service moments that’ll make us all very, very happy.

What do yo think? Do you think Anakin should return in Episode IX or should he remain absent? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

5 thoughts on “Should Anakin Skywalker Make An Appearance in ‘Episode IX’?”

  1. Hi Annlyel, I think Anakin appearing as a Force ghost would open up a whole can of worms…it would remind everyone about the Sebastian Shaw/Hayden Christensen debacle in Return of the Jedi (or me at least!) But I do believe Ben Solo needs someone to give him a talking to!

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  2. Hmmmm….suppose that Anakin returned as a Force-Ghost, and talked Kylo Ren. I could see this possibly causing huuuge conflict within Kylo, especially if what Anakin days would sharply contradict what Snoke already said to Kylo.

    But overall, naaahh. A bad idea. Cuz then people would immediately also want force-ghost appearances from Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Luke. I suppose all of that could be done, but it would sure take the whole saga in an entirely new direction, huh?

    But the old questions persist!
    Who are Rey’s parents?
    Where/How did Rey get her natural/untrained Force-ability?
    Who was Snoke?
    Did Palpatine really die?
    Who is Maz Kanata?
    Who or what was “the voice” or pull, calling out to Palpatine from The Outer Rim?
    What NEW Force-Powers might Rey now have? (That– could be way-kewl to see).

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    1. Well, I think I have two potential answers to two of your questions.

      1. Rey’s parents: The latest theory about Rey’s parentage is so legit sounding it could really be the answer to this two year and counting mystery. The theorist concluded that Rey may be the daughter of Han and Qi’Ra. Now, I know that sounds a little strange but here are all the reasons why that works.

      Han would have had an affair with Qi’Ra roughly ten years after marrying Leia and having Ben Solo. This would explain why he and Leia broke up and why Ben Solo hated his father so much.
      Secondly, if Qi’Ra left Rey on Jakku and Han was the actual father this theory would explain why the Millennium Falcon was so conveniently parked there on the planet as well. It would be Han’s way of looking out for her all of those years.
      Third, it would explain why she and Han were so close in ‘The Force Awakens’. They finished each other’s sentences. Han wanted her to be a part of his crew even though he had only known her for a few hours.
      Four, it would legitimize Rey and Kylo’s strong relationship because in actuality they would be half-brother/half-sister! And it would be fitting because Qi’Ra meddled with the Dark Side and had a child of the Light while Leia affiliates herself with the Light and had a child of the Dark.
      And finally, Qi’Ra speaks with an English accent and so does Rey.

      The second potential answer to one of your questions is this.

      2. Rey’s uncannily powerful ability with the Force.

      This isn’t legitimate fact but it’s been said that Rey got her incredible power with the Force because she connected with Kylo Ren’s subconscious when Kylo invaded her mind. At that moment, even though she didn’t realize it, she practically downloaded his entire power into her. This was discovered as a ‘Star Wars’ theorist realized that Rey and Kylo Ren swing their lightsabers in a near identical fashion in ‘The Last Jedi’. It also validates why they seem to be so equal in their power threshold with the Force.

      Hope you liked these theories. 🙂

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