Who’s Your Favorite ‘Lord of the Rings’ Character?

The Lord of the Rings is, in my opinion, the greatest fantasy novel ever made and the same can be said for the movies as well. People have tried to bring fantasy to life in the way that Peter Jackson did in the early 2000s’ but no one has reached the pinnacle of epicness that he did with those films. I’ve seen each movie combined at least three hundred times over the years, that’s how much I love them. Part of the reason why these characters are so amazing is because the characters are so ridiculously cool. So, on this week’s segment of Who’s Your Favorite I’m here to ask you which of these awesome characters is your favorite? Here they all are.



Frodo Baggins, the ringbearer and eventual savior of Middle-Earth. Frodo is undoubtedly the strongest and most brave character in The Lord of the Rings for one very important reason. He embarked on the quest to destroy the ring without ever having even seen an orc or Nazgul or anything else remotely scary. He had to deal with Sauron’s torment on a daily basis and he managed to survive that ordeal. That’s one tough hobbit.



The noble Samwise Gamgee. He’s practically the jelly to Frodo’s peanut butter. Neither hobbit can be apart from one another for very long and both needed each other to survive their perilous quest to save the world. While Frodo is a strong individual, there’s no doubt about that, he wouldn’t have made it very long if he hadn’t had Sam to be there by his side.

Merry and Pippin


Merry and Pippin are your typical mischievous brothers in all but blood. They love to eat and smoke their pipes but they can easily be just as heroic as any man in Middle-Earth if they have to. Hobbits are awesome! 🙂



Whether he’s Gandalf the Grey or Gandalf the White this wizard is 100% AWESOME! His wisdom is boundless, his kindness is absolute, and he has touched so many souls throughout his adventures. Gandalf is easily one of my favorite characters.



Aragorn, half-elf, warrior, ranger, and future king. Yeah, Aragorn is pretty awesome. He helped lead his fellow men to many victories and he never gave up hope that Sauron would be defeated. He also managed to resist the temptation of Sauron several times which reveals the strength in his character as well. Who doesn’t love Aragorn?



Dwarves are awesome characters but they’ve never been brought to life so perfectly other than in Peter Jackson’s movies. And if you want to find the patented grumpy yet hilarious dwarf look no further than Gimli. This dwarf is as tough as they come but he can have quite the opinion as well. He’s the best.



Arwen, daughter of Elrond, is the first major woman to make an appearance in The Fellowship of the Ring and yet even though her roles are pretty small she leaves such an impact in these movies’ stories. I also love that even though we do mostly see her romantic side she can be a warrior as well and that makes her a great character.



Faramir, the brother of Boromir, and Captain of Gondor is one of my favorite characters in The Lord of the Rings franchise simply because he’s cool. He was a bit of a jerk when he first showed up in The Two Towers but his conscience won out and he let Frodo and Sam go even though he could’ve easily taken the ring for his own. That shows the tremendous character of Faramir and that’s why I like him so much.

King Theodin


King Theodin has seen many wars and faced many challenges but he has managed to stay kingly throughout it all. Even when he lost his only son he still managed to somewhat keep his composure and rule his people. That takes a lot of strength.



Even though Eomer was never a major character he’s always been one of my favorites because he’s simply really cool. He despises evil with all of his being and he’s an extraordinary warrior too. What’s more awesome than that?



Boromir had a miserable involvement in The Fellowship of the Ring. For the majority of his role in the movie he fawned over the ring and when he finally got himself together he died. That’s messed up.



Legolas is undoubtedly the coolest elf that has appeared on the big screen (in both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies.) He’s a wizard with his fighting skills and his poetic language can be at once hilarious and enchanting at the same time. Legolas is awesome.



The Elven queen Galadriel has always been one of the cooler characters in the Middle-Earth franchise. When she appears in a scene she steals the show with her unbridled power and her vast pool of knowledge that she has obtained over the years. She truly feels ancient and that’s what makes her special.



I’ve always thought Elrond was cool because, well, he’s cool. We’ve seen him as a somewhat younger elf leader when man and elves fought Sauron in Mordor. And we’ve seen him as a wise ruler of Rivendell who helped bring The Fellowship to fruition. He even had the King’s sword reforged. Elrond may not be on the posters but he’s undoubtedly one of the most important characters in the trilogy.



Gollum is simply, in a word, yucky. He’s evil, he’s conniving, and did I mention he was evil? *shudder* I don’t like Gollum…but he is a great character from a creative stand point.



Eowyn, a princess, a loyal niece, but most importantly a warrior. While most women would huddle in their hiding places waiting for their husbands or male saviors to protect them she wanted to fight alongside her fellow warriors in battle. Her heroism ultimately helped vanquish the Witch King which undoubtedly saved many lives. Eowyn is a pretty awesome heroine.

So these are all of the characters. Which one of these heroes (or heroines) is your favorite of them all? My favorite character is Legolas (and that’s not just because I had a crush on him in my younger years.) Legolas is 100% awesome for so many different reasons. I mean, when he takes down that elephant and all of its riders single-handedly I always get so happy! (Did I mention he was awesome?)

I can’t wait to see who your favorite Lord of the Rings character and I thank you for reading. Have a great day. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Who’s Your Favorite ‘Lord of the Rings’ Character?”

    1. Oh my goodness, me too! He was awesome in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy but in ‘The Hobbit’ trilogy I liked him more because he was given a larger role. We got to see him in his element more often and as a leader amongst his fellow elven warriors. That was pretty cool.

      Even though Legolas wasn’t in the original Hobbit novel I’m glad Peter Jackson found a way to incorporate him into the story.


  1. Pick a favorite? You don’t ask an easy thing. Ultimately taking both the book and movie into account I’d say Frodo, but there is certainly love to go around for all of the other characters. Gimli and Legolas are pretty far up there mostly for their unexpected and abiding friendship. Oh and Aragorn, of course. And SHEESH, I’ll stop. They’re all so great and I’m such a Tolkien nerd.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally understand. All of the characters are unforgettable for their awesome and enduring qualities. And that’s why the movies are so amazing. Every character, small or large, had an impact on the story in remarkable ways and that’s why I LOVE these films.

      Great choices. 🙂


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