Are The Knights of Ren Going To Be Force-Sensitive?

One of the more interesting scenes in The Force Awakens is Rey’s vision. For years I have been discovering new, exciting things in that one scene but one of the elements to that part that has always fascinated me are the Knights of Ren.


They’ve only made a single, brief appearance in that temporary moment in the movie but they have captured the attention of Star Wars fan all over the world. Now, with Episode IX filming and leaks arriving on the web of Adam Driver filming heavy action scenes with people wielding spears and axes (sounds like the Knights of Ren to me) it’s pretty obvious that we will be getting a major introduction to the shady group sooner rather than later. But here’s the question; are they going to be Force-sensitive?


Last night while I was watching the scene where Luke tells Rey of what happened that fateful night when Ben Solo turned to the dark side I couldn’t help but once again notice a very interesting sentence he says in that scene. These are his exact words.

“When I came to the temple was burning. He had vanished with a handful of my students (RED ALERT!)

I’m stopping right there. We forget that it wasn’t just Ben Solo who supposedly betrayed Luke Skywalker but that there were multiple students who decided to take the darker path. This has to be a reference to the Knights of Ren because it makes total sense.

When we see the Knights in The Force Awakens there are six of them. That sounds a lot like a handful of students. Secondly, it makes sense because wouldn’t Snoke just love having a group of Force assassins to make life miserable for the Resistance?

It would also make sense because let’s say Rey is making her own Jedi Order with Force sensitive individuals. Then we could see the most incredible Force showdown that has ever been brought to the Star Wars universe with Kylo Ren and his Knights versus Rey and her Jedi padawans. It would be the most INCREDIBLE action sequence ever created in Star Wars and would probably make the film an extra billion dollars because so many people would want to see the movie over and over again (at least I would.)

Maybe they’ll just end up being regular individuals who happen to basically be even cooler Praetorian Guards but I’m hoping that J.J Abrams is thinking like me. 🙂

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day. May the Force be with you.

3 thoughts on “Are The Knights of Ren Going To Be Force-Sensitive?”

  1. Are they force-sensitive? OOOOOHHH, now there’s an interesting question.

    For some reason, I’m not sure why, I’ve never thought of them as using the Force, even if they have dark Lightsaber. More just like obedient soldiers with a lightsaber sword. I don’t think we;ve seen even one of them use the force yet, have we? I could be wrong.

    and….just to throw another question into the Mix….when Luke says he came to and the temple was burning, etc….what if:
    A) Luke was lying and it was really different? or–
    B) what if Luke wasn’t lying but just made an assumption about what he saw when he came to—which was mistaken? or—
    C) what if Kylo Ren’s version of what happened, and why, is a lie?

    Then what really happened? And how? and Why? There could be many possibilities for J. J. Abrams to play with here.

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