Removing Thanos’s Armor Was Genius

Last year during San Diego Comic-Con the first looks at Avengers: Infinity War were revealed and a lot of it was kept secret to only those at the conference. One thing fans of the comic books were a little peeved about, however, was the fact that Thanos wasn’t wearing his classic golden armor. Now, after watching the film, I understand the brilliance behind the Russo Brothers’ thinking of removing the armor.


You see, this movie was set to build our relationship with this character. We learned of his complicated but loving relationship with his daughter Gamora. We learned of the sick reasoning for his mission to wipe out half the universe. And we slightly began to empathize with his character just a little bit. But why did I begin to garner a sort of understanding of Thanos? Simple. Because that armor was gone.

Let’s say he had gone through the entire movie wearing that armor. His emotions wouldn’t have been as clear and comprehensible if he had kept on the golden suit. I mean can you imagine the part when he threw Gamora off the cliff in return for the soul stone with that golden helmet on? It would’ve still been emotional but with him stripped of the armor it’s a lot more heart wrenching to watch.

Also, if you look at nearly every hero in the movie they aren’t wearing anything too grand. They’re either garbed in simple clothing or special suits that are pretty cool but not golden suit of armor kind of cool. Making Thanos look like everybody else made him seem somewhat human even though he’s this powerful being. And that’s why I love the Russo Brothers. They really do think about even the most minute details when it comes to making these films. I love it.

So, this was just a simple observation of mine after watching Infinity War the last time I watched it. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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