Here Are Some ‘Episode IX’ Title Theories

The fascinating thing about Star Wars titles are their clear but mysterious meanings. The Phantom Menace could mean many different things but it ultimately conveyed that the film was focusing on the secret rising of Darth Sidious. The Force Awakens could have easily meant a lot of things as well. It obviously, however, references the awakening of the Force within Rey but it also may link to the possible awakening of the Force within Finn (here’s the theory that surrounds that) or the arrival of Kylo Ren’s rise to true power. And then The Last Jedi was an ambiguous title because it could have been a plural or singular meaning. If it had been plural it would’ve clearly been talking about both Luke and Rey. But if it was singular then it’s probably talking about Rey, as Luke stated that she was, in fact, “the last Jedi.”

So, now with Episode IX filming the question of its title is up in the air for Star Wars fans to contemplate and I happen to be one of those fans. So, today I’m going to share with you some theoretic titles and my reasoning behind those names. Enjoy!

Straightforward Titles


Star Wars is known for having mysterious titles that capture the imagination and wonder of fans but then there are the more concise titles that let you know clearly what you’re dealing with in that particular film. For example; Revenge of the SithThe Empire Strikes BackA New HopeReturn of the Jedi. All of those titles are simple and to the point. So, maybe Episode IX will be the first film in this trilogy to have an unambiguous title. Here are some ideas.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi both ended on bittersweet notes so wouldn’t it be nice to see a title that invokes a bit of hope for the Resistance. Hence, this title. It doesn’t state that the Resistance will win the war against the First Order but it does send a clear message that the Resistance are ready to fight.

Star Wars: The Knights’ Order

At the end of The Last Jedi we see Kylo Ren as the new Supreme Leader and it’s almost certain that he will have the Knight of Ren play a big role in this upcoming Star Wars film. This title also doesn’t exactly state a clear winner by the end of the movie but it confirms that yes, we will see a galaxy ruled by yours truly, Kylo Ren.

Star Wars: Balance of the Force

One of the most fascinating and memorable episodes of The Clone Wars series were the few episodes where Anakin, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ahsoka got trapped in a Force planet. There they met these three powerful individuals of the Force. The father represented balance, the son was the element of darkness, and the daughter was the embodiment of light. Long story short, the son killed the daughter and then the father killed the son (yeah, it was a pretty messed up situation) and the balance that was being retained in the Force was broken.

Since then there has been no balance in the Force. It’s just been a constant clashing between light and dark. But what if this Skywalker saga finale could finally see two agents of the Force (this being Rey and Kylo Ren) choose balance over war? Wouldn’t that be really cool? It would be different, unexpected, and it would definitely be somewhat of a happy ending. I would like that very much.

Ambiguous Titles


And now here are some elusive titles that could mean a whole lot of different things.

Star Wars: The Force Rises

This title suggests that the Force will rise in somebody. It may be Kylo Ren or Rey or someone else entirely but it does state that something powerful is going to take place in this movie.

Star Wars: Conclusion

We’ve never seen a Star Wars movie with a title that only consisted of one word so why not start now? This is about as ambiguous as a title can get. It pronounces that this movie will indeed be a conclusion but to what? The Skywalker legacy, the Resistance, the First Order, the battle between light and dark, this title could mean anything.

Star Wars: Darkness Arises

When you see this title your mind may immediately drift to Kylo Ren but what if this title isn’t talking about Kylo? What if it’s foreshadowing Rey’s fall to the dark side? Or possibly the arrival of a new agent of darkness that puts a serious whammy on the whole story. That would be exciting.

Whatever the case, these are my Episode IX title theories. If I think of any other really cool titles for the film you can be sure that I’ll share them with you all.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a magical day. May the Force be with you.


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