Should ‘Star Wars’ Get More Creative?

Star Wars is a multi-billion dollar franchise that Disney can easily milk for years to come with its countless stories that have been told over the years through its Legends canon. And yet, there have only been four movies and people are already starting to speak about Star Wars fatigue. How can that be? I’ll tell you why. The films lack imagination.


When The Force Awakens came out it was practically a replica of A New Hope, except with larger and grander schemes. The First Order is simply a remastered version of the Empire with barely any new creations.

Battering Ram Cannon

Except for the Battering Ram Cannon in The Last Jedi which was pretty cool.

The characters are sometimes so similar comparisons can’t help but be made.

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There also seems to be a lack of creativity when it comes to the female leads in these movies. I mean, look at this slideshow. They are all brunettes! That’s simply ridiculous. With Padme and Leia it made sense because they are both related but to have everyone else practically look the same is kind of ridiculous.

And the stories of these new films practically mirror the old films to the point where we, as Star Wars fans, can kind of guess how a movie is going to turn out.

Because I love Star Wars I constantly give the franchise a pass for its lack of originality but honestly, if Star Wars is going to last another ten years and still remain as one of the greatest franchises in modern history it’s got to get more creative.

That’s why, as much as people may dislike The Last Jedi, at least Rian Johnson gave us concepts (and characters) we hadn’t seen before. A purple-haired admiral. Force connections. The idea that ghosts that can still interact with the regular world like Yoda summoning that bolt of lightning. Luke being able to project an image of himself across light years. These were things we had never seen before and it made The Last Jedi different than other Star Wars films we’ve seen in the past.

Disney may have made the novels from the non-canon Legends material illegitimate with the current Star Wars universe but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t take those stories’ original ideas and make something really cool out of it.

I mean, Rian Johnson’s idea of making Luke a mirage was an idea inspired by the Legends canon. And that was hands down the coolest surprise of The Last Jedi.


The reason why Solo flopped wasn’t because it came out a mere five months after The Last Jedi. It was because it didn’t feel original enough. Disney has seemed to create a wall of where their stories can go and that’s why for the past few years the content has only ranged from the years after Episode III to VIII.

Both Star Wars Story films were set in the years after Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. The Obi-Wan Kenobi standalone film was undoubtedly going to be set in the same time range. How unimaginative is that?

What about the days during the Old Republic? Or maybe a trilogy that focuses on the galaxy maybe a thousand years after the Skywalker era? Now that sounds interesting.

And that’s why I’m excited to see the Rian Johnson trilogy. It’s supposedly going to be a story that focuses on a new corner of the galaxy that hasn’t been explored before and that sounds awesome. If Star Wars is going to remain incredible there has to be some creativity.

But, of course, J.J Abrams has his hands on Episode IX and so there’s no doubt there will be plenty of nostalgic factors to this Skywalker saga finale but once this trilogy is complete the franchise should definitely take some leaps and bounds in a more imaginative direction.

What do you think? Should Star Wars get more creative? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

9 thoughts on “Should ‘Star Wars’ Get More Creative?”

  1. Yes! To the Old Republic.

    What if Rey found the old Telos Holocron?
    What if Force Ghosts made more appearances?
    What if the Temple (Sith temple?) were found with its “Mass Shadow Generator”?
    What if who Maz Kanata is, turned out to be quite enlightening and to shed more light on several things?
    What if we found who WHO the voice was, from the unknown regions, that was calling out to Palpatine?

    In the Old Republic, REVAN had a mask from i think it was the Mandolorians. I suspect that Kylo Ren mask is patterned after REVAN’s.

    ALL of this would be interesting, not dull.
    Don’t add any more new or silly characters.

    What if something developed from the small boy who finds a lightsaber at the end of the Last Jedi?
    What if we finally found out who Rey’s parents are, and that Kylo Ren lied about them?
    What if we found out who Snoke really was?
    What if ancient technology was found that could repair itself? Who created it originally? What if more ancient Holochrons were found?

    Again, all of this could and probably would capture the audiences curiosity. So, there IS much than could be done. Interesting stuff in its own right. Some of it possibly connected to what we have already been shown, and some not, but kewl in itself. USE it!

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    1. I definitely think that a story could easily be stemmed off of the little boy at the end of ‘The Last Jedi’ for a couple of reasons.

      1. He easily fits that sort of iconic hero-from-humble-beginnings mold. I mean if you think about it, Anakin was a slave before he became a Jedi. Luke was a simple farm boy before he became the galaxy’s new hope. And Rey was a scavenger. This boy could one day be the next new hope of the galaxy and we’ve gotten to see his early beginnings through ‘The Last Jedi’. Awesome!

      2. I think it would be awesome if the movie involving him also included other Force-sensitive individuals who, like him, grew up with the power and are now becoming a new Jedi Order and the new generation of the Sith. I think that could turn out to be a very interesting and original story indeed.


      1. Agreed. A boy from humble beginnings.

        Here’s something more. Suppose he was the “next new hope of the Galaxy”……but then….where would that leave Rey? I thought she would be the New Hope.
        OR—-might Rey and Kylo be in a “persuasion-battle” to convert recruit the boy to their side?
        If the boy would turn evil, might we back to the Rule-of-two with Master Kylo and Apprentice Boy? Or— would Rey be the “female Obi-Wan and the boy be *The New Luke”? Would the boy try to kill Rey? Be her student?

        And again, what about Maz Kanata? I cant help but feel like there is more to still be told about her.

        Will the next movie go on to explore The Unknown Regions? And what, or who, might they find?

        And with Snoke gone, who might train Kylo Ren any deeper into the Dark side of the Force?

        I feel like, while The Last Jedi was SUCH a letdown +badly lacking in answers to questions), nonetheless, its asif the whole slate has now been wiped clean and there is soooo much (interesting stuff) that could be used and developed (like we both mentioned). Will they? Ahhh, the suspense. 😈


      2. These are interesting points. You’re right. If this boy supposedly became powerful with the ways of the Force maybe ten-fifteen years later in his life then that would have to mean that either Kylo Ren, Rey, or maybe both of them, would be there to try to teach him in the ways of the Force.

        And what if Kylo Ren and Rey, by that time, have actually become allies and have started a new pathway of the Force following a Grey Jedi Order. (This new teaching of the Force would allow Force-wielders to find the balance of the light and the darkness within themselves rather than choosing a side.) And so they would recruit this boy to their new order but let’s say a mysterious dark presence influences him and he turns to the dark side.

        What would happen then? We could see a new trilogy that follows the story of this boy who then creates a new version of the Sith and together, with his dark side allies, a war breaks out between the new Sith Order and Kylo and Rey’s Grey Jedi. Sounds kind of epic if you ask me. 🙂

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      3. That whole idea reminds me of The Kwa, who were balanced in the force and who brought civilization, technology and teachings of the force to lesser developed races and planets. They came to the RAKATAN’s, but were later horrified to find the Rakatans went very much to the Dark Side and were savagely cruel. The Rakatans used the dark side energies and advanced technology to build The STAR FORGE, an huuuge automated Shipyard to build a nearly endless supply if ships, battle drouds, etc. They Star Forge sucked dark side energies from a nearby Star. The Rakatan conquered and viciously enslaved many other civilizations and ruled a very large part if the Galaxy! This was even before The OLD Republic! Very, very old. But, the constant drawing in of Dark Force energies caused the Star Forge to have a very corrupting influence on its users! Nonetheless, the Rakatan “Infinite Empire” ruled for many thousands if years, until, a Plague broke out, rapidly killing them off ABD also somehow cutting off their connection to the Force. Now they could no longer use hardly any of their technology and massive slave revolts broke out. And with Rakatans dying off from the Plague, they retreated to their home Planet of Lehon but degenerated into primitive tribes as theur numbers became too few. The automated Star Forge was still operating and functioning and sitting out in space. It woukd be thousands of years later that it would be discovered by REVAN of the Old Republic. REVAN, would start off as good, katet become very evil and be known as Darth Revan and also as Revan The Butcher. Later he would be defeated, have his memory erased and be RE-trained as a good Jedi. After he was again good, he would lead an attack to destroy the Star Forge, and successfully blow it to bits. Many years later, Jedi would erase all mention of the Rakata from their their libraries as to not re-frighten people, many who were already war-weary. Do youtube searches for “Rakatan Infinite Empire” and also “star wars and The Star Forge”. But–

        The boy starting a new empire, hmmm. While, yes, it could be interesting, i still think I’d prefer to see to battles and conflict (not Harmony) between Kylo and Rey. More about Maz Kanata, possibky a couple Force-ghost appearances and also more exploration of The Unknown Regions.

        Wouldn’t it be cool if J J Abrams followed your Blog and read our comments? The next movie has fabulous potential to be highly interesting, or—-boringly lame. It all depends on what they will focus on. And so…..we wait. And hope.


      4. Wow, wow, wow. That is super interesting ‘Star Wars’ stuff right there. I know the movies backward and forward but I’m not very familiar with the books. To see all of this backstory about the galaxy and all of its many conflicts is downright amazing.

        But in a way, J.J Abrams has taken an inspiration from this “Infinite Empire” story already in ‘The Force Awakens’. The Rakatans made the Star Forge, which like you said, used the power of suns to create a massive army. The First Order constructed the StarKiller Base which used suns, like the Star Forge, to become an annihilating superweapon. So, in a certain sense, J.J Abrams has already fed off of the lesser known Legends ideas to make his new story better.

        Wow, this material is absolutely blowing me away. Maybe there should be a trilogy that focuses on the “Infinite Empire” story because that sounds pretty awesome.

        And yeah, J.J Abrams needs to follow this blog because between us I think we could concoct quite an epic ‘Star Wars’ movie. 🙂

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  2. I tried to copy/paste the youtube address for video but it wont paste. Anyway, you can check see, on youtube, the one i mean: I think the wording of the title is: Rise of the Infinitie Empire (Star Wars Legends). That one, and any specifically on The Star Forge itself.

    On a side note, just my opinion….i believe the prophecy about the chosen one being Darth Vader is wrong. The Chosen One already happened earlier and it/he was Darth Revan, who was good, very bad, and very good again.

    And—the is STILL more. LORD VITIATE, also known as Valkorian. He was a dark sith lord who tricked many other siths into doing an extremely powerful Ritual, i think on the planet NATHEMA. The ritual, to do it completely, took 9 days. But it was done, and—-it viciously and mercilessly rapidly sucked the very force from those mwho Valkorian tricked into doing the ritual and also from the entire planet itself and fed it all into Lord Vitiate, giving him Immortality, or very close to it. REvan fought Lord Vitiate and was captured and tortured, but during his capture, Revan’s mond and force and will also exerted an influence on Lord Vitiate. Thats the skinny version. I have not read the paperback about REVAN.

    And lastly—before Revan, before the Rakatan and the Kwa…were…..
    THE CELESTIALS (youtube this, too) but next to nothing is known about them except that they were extremely powerful with high technology, however, it is not really clear that they were evil. They may not have been, even though several civilizations wanted to flee them, Possibly due to fantastic power, but i havent heard anyone say that the Celestials were evil and viciously killing off other civilizations. Perhaps it was a case a case of others simply being blown away and IN AWE of them..? Unknown. I think something called “Centerpoint station” was built by the celestials. (Its amazing what you can search for on youtube, haha) But its interesting! Have fun. I really loved those Star Forge videos.


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