Should Kylo Ren Return In ‘Episode IX’ With A Beard?

With every Star Wars movie I love to imagine how the main characters’ wardrobe or look may change. In The Last Jedi Kylo Ren got himself a makeover with a new outfit and less groomed hair. Rey rid herself of the Three Knobs. Finn got a new look that fit more into the Resistance. And Poe obtained a leisurely Resistance captain attire for a majority of the film rather than his usual pilot outfit.

So yeah, there were a lot of changes to the main characters’ styles in The Last Jedi and that means it is imminent that there will be more new looks at these characters by the time of Episode IX. Especially with a supposed time jump. And that’s what leads me to this question. Should Kylo Ren return in Episode IX with a beard? Well, here are the reasons why he should have one.

1. It’s Different


Since he debuted his surprisingly flattering features in The Force Awakens we have seen Kylo Ren with the shaved style, and it hasn’t been bad to look at. He’s resembled Anakin Skywalker immensely. It has stayed true to the strange First Order shaved policy that I’ve noticed throughout the movies. And he simply looked really cool.

But let’s say he returns in Episode IX with a beard in tow. Not only would it instantly validate the time jump but it would be something totally unexpected and quite exciting to see from the new Supreme Leader.

And the only other major villain that has ever had a beard was Count Dooku. Yes. He’s the only one! Isn’t that odd? I think to have Kylo Ren become only the second villain to wear a beard would be very awesome indeed.

2. It Shows His Growth As a Character


Kylo Ren has dealt with a lot of inner conflict throughout the years. He was training to become a Jedi when his uncle turned on him and it seems to me that he hasn’t really found closure since then. Like Snoke said, “You’re just a child…with a mask.”

As we see him in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi he is still harboring his past to the point where he’s still pretty much the same boy who was “betrayed” on that fateful night all those years ago.

If he were to have a beard the next time we see him then it immediately solidifies his role as a leader, as a new man, and maybe that “child” within him would be gone to a certain extent.

3. It Would Make Him More Rugged


The First Order is a clean cut organization with everyone’s outfits being tailored to perfection and every person, all the way down to the lowest rank, having to look their finest. If Kylo Ren had a beard not only would that be a stark contrast to the faction he’s supposedly ruling but it would just look awesome.

Can you imagine Kylo Ren on the posters with a beard? It would be so, so very awesome. I have always said to myself that Anakin should’ve returned in Revenge of the Sith with a beard because he would’ve been so much cooler. Because the two characters resemble each other so much I think it would be great if Kylo Ren could redeem his grandfather by having a beard of his own.

All in all, if he doesn’t end up having a beard he’ll still be totally awesome, as always. This is just a simple idea of mine that I think has the potential to be kind of cool.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force be with you.

2 thoughts on “Should Kylo Ren Return In ‘Episode IX’ With A Beard?”

  1. Yes good idea but with two drawbacks, one he will get green milk in his moustache if he grew facial hair and two….he will get green milk in his moustache if he grew facial hair. Now I know that’s technically one drawback but it is such a large drawback I thought it was worth mentioning twice! I know being a bearded Jedi Master. It’s also impossible to drink cups of soup without filtering it first! There are however technical issues for filming men with beards affecting dubbing in dialogue and lip synching but he may have a beard I don’t know.
    (p.s. the joke I made above about two drawbacks I paraphrased from a great UK Sci-Fi comedy show called Red Dwarf where the crew discuss using defensive shields and lasers that their ship doesn’t have!)

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