This Description of ‘Episode IX’ from Oscar Isaac Sounds Amazing

Episode IX is of course on top secret mode until it premieres next year in movie theaters around the world but that doesn’t mean the actors aren’t talking about it. As Star Wars star, Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron) goes through publicity for his latest movie, Operation Finale, questions of Episode IX are sure to arise and this time he had a little bit to tell us. Here is what he said.

“It is a war movie. I mean, above and beyond, it is a movie about warriors.”

This next section is about his standing with his character, the Resistance leader, Poe Dameron.

“You want to get people [to question him] as opposed to have some sort of easy answer of like, ‘Yeah, yeah, he did the right thing. He was a hero.’ What’s the cost of this stuff?”

And this next section is easily the most interesting part.

“[The Resistance] are guerrilla fighters, adhering closer to something like the Revolutionary War fighters or even the guerrillas in Cuba with Che and Fidel and all these guys living in the mountains, coming down to do some attacks, and going back and trying to hide from the ’empire’ of the United States. It’s that kind of ragged at this point. 

You hear about stories with [George] Washington as a general, where lots of people died based on their orders, but that is part of leadership and that push-and-pull in the fight for figuring out what’s the way to move forward.”

So this interview was awesome for a few reasons. One; it sounds like Poe’s growth in The Last Jedi is still having an effect on him in this next movie as he’s maybe taking the losses of the Resistance a little more harshly.

Resistance ski speeder

Two; to hear that Episode IX is basically going to be a war movie sounds 100% awesome. Especially in the hands of J.J Abrams. The Force Awakens, which was directed by Abrams, felt like a fun, adventure flick. The Last Jedi was a thoughtful drama that focused highly on character development rather than explosions. And now that the character growth stage is out of the way now Abrams is going to finish this trilogy off with an action-packed bang. I love it.

One of the reasons why I loved Rogue One is because it was a war movie, above all else. That “war” aspect hadn’t really been seen in Star Wars up to that point and it made Rogue One very different and enjoyable.

Three; it sounds like the Resistance are going to be in a very precarious situation in this next film. But that’s the great thing about Star Wars. This story constantly shows us underdogs who somehow manage to defeat these seemingly invincible goliaths. It’s an inspiring tale and I hope the meager Resistance manage to defeat the First Order by the end of this movie.

I know there’s not a lot to go on by this interview but it’s still exciting to get all of these interesting ideas around the film. Oscar didn’t tell us anything but told us a lot at the same time and I thank him for that.

Now I’m even more excited to see this movie. It’s going to be so awesome.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force be with you.

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