Phase 4 of the MCU Needs To Introduce Blade to the MCU

Before there was Black Panther there was Blade. Twenty years ago Blade entered theaters, becoming the first black superhero to have his own film. But because it was ten years too early it pretty much was forgotten, lost to a breed of Marvel films that are practically ancient in comparison with today’s MCU movies.

But, with the booming success of Black Panther this year, it proves that we need more black heroes to take the lead with these awesome movies. And what more awesome character to introduce to this upcoming phase of the MCU other than Blade.

What got me thinking about this was a certain episode of the animated series Avengers Assemble: Secret Wars on Disney XD. It was an episode featuring Hawkeye and he had to fend off a character I had never heard of in the MCU, Dracula. I was blown away. Dracula was a Marvel villain?! What?!

I went to see who Dracula’s archnemesis was and when I found out it was Blade all lightbulbs went off in my head.

And then I went to see who Blade has been affiliated with in the comics and two of the characters he has connections with are, get this, Doctor Strange (yeah!) and Spider-Man. Oh my goodness, could get this any better?


Doctor Strange is getting his very own sequel sometime between, I’d say, 2020 and 2021. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we get a Blade appearance somewhere in the film ahead of his standalone film like Marvel did with Black Panther by having him debut in Captain America: Civil War first? That would be ridiculously cool!

Not only would bringing another major black hero to the MCU be beneficial for the franchise but it could open yet another realm for the MCU to dabble into; the vampire realm. These movies could be more horror-centric than other Marvel films which places yet another franchise in the MCU in another genre Marvel hasn’t entered yet.

All in all, the next phase of the MCU is going to introduce a bunch of new heroes to get accustomed to and I think Blade should definitely be one of those heroes.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day. Happy Labor Day!

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