Our First Look At Captain Marvel Is Finally Here!

News about the highly-anticipated Captain Marvel has been few and far apart but now (finally!) we have been given an extensive look from Entertainment Weekly at Marvel’s upcoming installment; Captain Marvel. So, with no further delay, here are all ten! exciting photos. Enjoy!

The Cover


I. Am. So. EXCITED! 🙂

Carol Danvers, Air Force Pilot


Before Carol Danvers was a superhero she was an Air Force pilot and this picture highlights that. Awesome!

Carol Danvers Has an Air Force Pilot Buddy


And it looks like Carol has herself a good Air Force friend in this character, Maria Rambeau. Sounds interesting.

It’s Definitely the 90s’


To elaborate that this movie is indeed set in the 90s’ this photo shows Carol Danvers in a classic 90s’ getup. And I love it! (Um, Carol is already hitting my “she’s cool” buttons.)

Young Nick Fury


If you couldn’t wait to see what a young Nick Fury (with two eyes, I might add) would look like then wait no further. Here he is. It’s kind of really awesome seeing Nick Fury before he becomes Nick Fury and I can’t wait to see what his relationship will be like with Captain Marvel.

Ronan Returns


If you’re thinking to yourself that the man in the middle of this photo looks a lot like Ronan from Guardians of the Galaxy then you are not mistaken because it is, in fact, Ronan. In here we see him before the days when he became a galactic terrorist and that’s exciting in itself.

To the left we also see Jude Law as the Starforce (I’ll talk a little more about them later) commander, Mar-vell and to the right is co-director, Anna Boden.

The Skrulls Are Here


I don’t know anything about the Skrulls other than they are an invasive species who can shapeshift to any form. On the left side of the picture Ben Mendelsohn (Rogue One) plays Skrull leader, Talos. Sounds awesome!

Secret Identity


But here we see Talos (Ben Mendelsohn in the middle of the picture) in his fake identity as a S.H.I.E.L.D agent. Ooh, that definitely sounds interesting. Directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck are the other people in this picture.

Mar-vell and Captain Marvel


Jude Law’s character, Mar-vell, is helping Carol hone her powers. Exciting!

Captain Marvel Leads the Way


Okay, do you remember earlier when I mentioned Starforce? Well, that’s the team that Captain Marvel is a part of, the Starforce. When we meet Carol Danvers instead of following the template of traditional origin stories she’s going to already have her powers and so we’ll catch up with her as a member of the Starforce. That’s why, as you can see here, she’s wearing the green and blue suit rather than her iconic red and blue look.

This picture also features the return of another Guardians of the Galaxy character, Korath (you can see him on the left side of the people walking.) It also highlights another important character in the film, Minn-Erva, who will be played by Crazy Rich Asians actress, Gemma Chan.

Captain Marvel In All of Her Glory


And here’s Captain Marvel in her classic getup, the red and blue suit (which looks very cool by the way.)

I honestly couldn’t be more excited. These pictures don’t exactly hint at any storylines or twists in the movie but they do highlight how positively awesome this movie has the potential of being and I can’t wait to see the first official trailer.

I hope this made you as excited as it made me and I thank you for reading. Have a Marvel-ous day.

8 thoughts on “Our First Look At Captain Marvel Is Finally Here!”

      1. Did you know that there is a theory going around that Loki didn’t die in Infinity War? According to the theory, he turned into Hulk, and his clone died, and that’s why “Hulk” remembers everything about Thanos (Even though when he’s Hulk, he isn’t supposed to remember anything, as you can see in Thor: Ragnarok, when he was told that “Ultron was 2 years ago”, and he had no idea), and he can’t turn into the Hulk. 🙂 Cool, right?

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