Season 2 of ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Starts With a Bang

Throughout the first season of Star Wars: Resistance the series continuously was unable to find its footing. At times there were some phenomenal episodes that got me engaged and loving the show. At other times I was so bored I almost considered not watching it anymore. I’m so glad I didn’t though. Episode 1 of Season Two rides the momentum of the closing episodes of last season and delivers a fantastic 22 minute-ride that had my eyes riveted to the screen. In case, you forgot, let me refresh your mind on the circumstances the characters find themselves in at the end of Season 1.


The First Order learned that Kazuda was a Resistance spy and things started getting ugly. Tam Ryvora, a mechanic working under Jarek Yeager and waiting for a chance to become a pilot like she’s always dreamed of, learns of Kaz’s deception and defects to the First Order.

In a desperate act, Captain Doza of the Colossus made a break for it, turning the waterlogged station into a perfectly capable flying vessel that could even jump to lightspeed. They manage to get away from the First Order in the nick of time to join the Resistance in D’Qar but before they can fully jump to hyperspace they are struck from a blast by a First Order Star Destroyer and are knocked off course.

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Henry Cavill Should Be the Next James Bond

After the last James Bond film comes out featuring Daniel Craig a new James Bond will have to be crowned and there’s been a lot of debate on who should play the iconic character. Some think Tom Hiddleston, who you may know for his role as the God of Mischief, Loki, should be the new James Bond. Rumors began circling that Idris Elba would take the role and become the first black James Bond. Those rumors have recently, however, been debunked. And then there are, of course, other British-born actors that could take the role but I think the next man to play the iconic James Bond should be Superman himself, Henry Cavill, and this is why.

1. He’s Handsome


The first aspect that every James Bond needs to have is the looks. Well, Henry Cavill definitely has those in abundance so that’s not going to be a problem. 🙂

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