Henry Cavill Should Be the Next James Bond

After the last James Bond film comes out featuring Daniel Craig a new James Bond will have to be crowned and there’s been a lot of debate on who should play the iconic character. Some think Tom Hiddleston, who you may know for his role as the God of Mischief, Loki, should be the new James Bond. Rumors began circling that Idris Elba would take the role and become the first black James Bond. Those rumors have recently, however, been debunked. And then there are, of course, other British-born actors that could take the role but I think the next man to play the iconic James Bond should be Superman himself, Henry Cavill, and this is why.

1. He’s Handsome


The first aspect that every James Bond needs to have is the looks. Well, Henry Cavill definitely has those in abundance so that’s not going to be a problem. 🙂

2. He’s Actually British


A lot of the roles Mr. Cavill has been playing lately requires him to have an American accent but in actuality he’s British. So that’s another check off the checklist.

3. We’ve Seen Him In An A+ Action Flick


Before Mission: Impossible-Fallout I hadn’t seen him in any roles besides his role as Superman so I wasn’t sure how he’d play out in the latest Mission: Impossible flick. Well, he was GREAT!

He displayed that he has the acting chops to take on an action-packed character like James Bond without being corny in the slightest. The entire time I watched this movie I didn’t see him as Superman. I saw him as the CIA agent that he was playing. And he was awesome.

With him playing the role of James Bond I know he’s perfectly capable of performing the stunts he needs to make a James Bond film truly epic.

4. He’s Good With the Ladies


And last but not least, you can’t be James Bond if you can’t handle the romantic side of things properly and Henry Cavill has definitely displayed that he can be quite the lady’s man as well. Just watch Batman vs. Superman.

So, yeah, Henry Cavill checks out on these four, very important aspects to being an awesome James Bond and I hope he ends up getting the role, with Christopher Nolan (Interstellar, The Dark Knight) directing. That’ll be the first James Bond movie I actually want to watch.

Who do you think should be the next James bond? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.


6 thoughts on “Henry Cavill Should Be the Next James Bond”

  1. Of all the names I’m still hearing bandied about, I still don’t think I’ve heard of a better candidate than Henry. Right now, he’s actually the same age Daniel Craig was when Craig started in the role. I think Craig was able to appear in about a dozen films in between his Bond movies, so this shouldn’t prevent Cavill from playing Superman again if he gets the chance. He’s made it very clear he still wants to play Superman. The Bond producers still seem to want Craig to come back, so I wouldn’t rule that out yet. They managed to convince him to come back for No Time to Die after he had said publicly he wouldn’t return. Also, you should check out Casino Royale. It’s a cut above all the other Bonds, and has a very similar energy to the recent Mission: Impossible films.

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      1. Haha, I didn’t realize you watched them even though you didn’t want to. That’s dedication. I also think now that they’ve elevated Bond to a billion-dollar franchise, casting a name star like Cavill will give them added security at the box office. It’ll be somewhat similar to when they cast Pierce Brosnan, who had a level of built-in public acceptance in the role. Physically, Cavill also seems somewhat like a morph between Daniel Craig and Brosnan or Connery. Lastly, I think Cavill comes off as a better actor when he’s using his natural accent, so it would benefit him to be able to be in a blockbuster where he can use it.

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      2. Watching Casino Royale was a total accident. I was watching HBO one day, it came on, and I never turned it off. That was literally the first Bond movie I had ever watched and yeah, it made me like Bond. Skyfall only elevated that.

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  2. Yeah, I’ve seen all the Craig ones, but only intermittently before that. The only one I saw I remember really liking was Timothy Dalton’s first in The Living Daylights. Some people say he was the only other one who tried playing the character darker and more serious like Craig. Someday I’ll go back and watch them from the beginning. Casino Royale is still my fave. Once I saw someone describe Skyfall as James Bond in a Home Alone sequel. Not sure if I’ll be able to avoid laughing at the idea if I watch it again.

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