I Didn’t Know It But Rey Has Already Gone to the Dark Side Once

One of the biggest aspects to a Jedi’s story in a Star Wars film is their struggle of resisting the temptation toward the dark side. Anakin tried to resist the pull of the dark side for two movies straight but ultimately failed. And Luke also was tempted by the dark side of the Force on numerous occasions but was able to suppress those urges. And now there’s Rey.

She’s the galaxy’s next hope of defeating Kylo Ren and the First Order but to do that she must remain, well, good. That seems easy right? Wrong. Rey isn’t your typical Jedi. She doesn’t exactly follow the Jedi “code” and she kind of just wings it rather than basing her decisions off of what the Jedi believe is right. Yeah, she fights with the good guys but she’s much more prone to turn to the dark side than you might expect. In fact, she already has turned to the dark side and it was right beneath our noses. Let me tell you how.


Early in the movie we see Rey truly tap, for the first time, into the Force. She feels the world around her and it’s a glorious experience…until she also senses that darkness beneath the island. It’s calling to her, trying to show her something, and she is drawn to it like a magnet. When Luke sees this he grows fearful of her, for the last time he saw a young prodigy with this type of power it had been Ben Solo and we all know how that turned out.

Image result for rey and luke deleted scene

Later on in a deleted scene Luke tests Rey. He tells her that the Caretaker villager is under attack by raiders (it’s really just more aliens from another island coming to have a party) and so she reacts the way she thinks she should. She goes to save the Caretakers but soon finds out that it was all a trick.

When next she sees Luke Skywalker she is furious. The man she knew from legend wasn’t this grumpy hermit who liked to play cruel jokes on people and she was hurt. At that moment she decided to leave Ach-To.


Directly after that she has a rather awkward but very important Force connection with Kylo Ren. He tells her to let the past die and only then would she become “what she was meant to be.” She took that as a queue to defy Luke Skywalker and so she decided to go to the darkness that had been calling her in her first lesson.

This is when the fact of this post comes in; she has already turned to the dark side.


When she went to that cave that was calling her it wasn’t like she didn’t know it was the dark side that was speaking to her. She completely knew and yet she did it anyway!

At least Anakin and Luke Skywalker fought against their urges to turn to the dark side. When the dark and the light was presented before her she didn’t even hesitate to turn to the dark to get what she wanted.


The question is was it naivety or did she really not care of the consequences? She isn’t the traditional Jedi in the sense of distinguishing the lines between the light and the dark so she might not have known exactly how important it was that she did go to the dark-side cave. Or maybe she did know and simply didn’t mind dabbling on the other side of the Force for a little bit.

If you think about it, that’s why she grew so empathetic to Kylo Ren so quickly. If she truly was purely of the light she would’ve felt no sympathy for the father-murderer but because she isn’t she actually began to trust him more than Luke Skywalker!


Later on when she and Kylo touch hands they both received visions of each other’s futures. She saw him turn against Snoke and join her and Kylo Ren saw her join him as well. But here’s the thing. Only one of their visions ended up becoming true and that was Rey’s vision.


Kylo Ren did, in fact, turn against his master and join her so her vision was correct. She just didn’t see far enough to see what happened next as Kylo Ren stayed with the darkness and tried to get her to join him. She, of course, didn’t and that’s what is worrying.

If Kylo Ren’s vision was as precise as hers and he clearly saw her joining him then maybe it wasn’t showing her become allies with him at that moment but maybe at another time. Maybe what he saw will transpire in Episode IX.

Of course, he may have been lying and didn’t see anything but judging from his reaction when their hands touched he did see something. It just hasn’t happened yet.


Yes, I know it seems implausible that the wonderful Rey would turn to the dark side but remember, she already has, and that’s worrying. Will she be strong enough to resist its temptation in this upcoming Star Wars flick? I have no idea. I can’t wait to see. 🙂

What do you think of this theory and do you think she is dark side prone? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the Force be with you.


9 thoughts on “I Didn’t Know It But Rey Has Already Gone to the Dark Side Once”

  1. Hi Annlyel, it does send a chill done your spine but here’s something that may be even more chilling than that, What if Rey is a Palpatine (or connected to him in some way)? There have been rumours/theories of a secret Imperial complex and cloning labs beneath the surface of Jakku maybe she is a related to Palpatine, or an engineered clone…or even a reincarnation. That way the film would still keep it’s “balance” of the light and dark…Rey is Dark and Ben is the Light (after all he is of Skywalker descent as much as Disney are trying to say “anyone can use the Force”) They both just have to reach their final positions either way.

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    1. Whoa, that is so interesting. I’ve heard the Palpatine clone theory and I’ve always debunked it as bonkers but now it actually makes a little bit of sense. And here’s what validates that theory even more.

      The fighting styles of Jedi and Sith are usually very patented to that particular character. And yet Rey does the exact same thrust move against Kylo Ren in ‘The Force Awakens’ that ONLY Palpatine has ever presented in the ‘Star Wars’ universe. (I found this out from a theorist on Youtube.)

      If she is indeed a Palpatine clone then yes, that explains why when she looked in the mirror she saw herself instead of her potential parents. She doesn’t have any parents because she is her own clone entity.

      The only thing that’s still making me skeptical about this theory is the fact that she doesn’t resemble Palpatine in the slightest. I mean, why did his “clone” end up being a woman? But then again, he wouldn’t want a clone to look exactly like him because she is the “contingency” plan he had created and he doesn’t want anyone to know that.

      That would also explain why she’s so powerful.

      Gosh, there are so many awesome theories that could be correct. I hope J.J Abrams doesn’t take an easy route and blows everybody’s minds with a conclusion that is satisfying and rather epic indeed.

      Thanks for the interesting theory.


      1. Hi Annlyel, well I’m afraid I have to point out a little mistake in your comment. It regards Rey’s thrust attack. Watch the Vader vs Luke duel in ROTJ, Vader is stalking Luke under the throne room and taunting him. As he says, “…SISTER!….if you won’t turn perhaps she will!” Luke jumps out from his hiding place and launches a thrusting attack….just like Palpatine….sorry! I will watch Ep.IX though it may be the make or break film for the franchise. Thank you for a good read too.

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      2. I’ve never seen that before! Wow. You’re right. So, maybe that was a slightly invalid observation.

        If she is Palpatine’s clone though that is something else they do have in common. *shrug*

        Great part by the way (the Luke/Vader fight.) That scene is always so emotional and so epic. Hands down one of the best moments in ‘Return of the Jedi’. 🙂

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      3. Hello again, I mentioned it to a prominent YouTuber who had missed it too so you’re not alone. I have watched a lot of lightsaber duels as a friend of mine actually creates his own fighting styles (known as forms) so I pick up on stiuff like that. Because of the emotion of the scene a lot of people get “involved” but that’s is the great thing about it, how it draws you in.

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  2. As I watch the deleted scenes I am dismayed at the editing choices Rian Johnson made. The scene with the third lesson should have stayed in the film. It explains why she decided to trust Kylo. They couldn’t shave five minutes off of explosions or Canto Bite to put that in?!

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    1. I totally agree with you. That deleted scene was central to the emotional shift she had toward Kylo Ren. If that had been in the actual movie it would’ve made the film that much more concise.

      And it was a great deleted scene too. Maybe he didn’t put it in the final version because he didn’t know how people would react to seeing all those dancing aliens. Hee-hee. 🙂


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