Will Everett Ross Make a Cameo Appearance in ‘Captain Marvel’?

A couple of days ago I watched one of my favorite superhero films, Black Panther, and one of the characters I really enjoy in the movie is Deputy Task Force Commander Everett Ross. He debuted in Captain America: Civil War with a menial role that didn’t mean much but ended up playing a major role in Black Panther which is so cool. Here was this character that I didn’t really think about and it turns out he kind of ended up being really important.

One of the moments in the movie that stuck out to me while recently viewing the film was when Shuri relays that he is an Air Force pilot. Now, I already knew this of course, but with Captain Marvel becoming the next film to look forward to, the Air Force has suddenly become a lot more important.


Captain Marvel is set in the 90s’ so does that mean we may potentially see a younger version of Everett Ross as an Air Force pilot? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

I think it would be a fantastic cameo and would really shine an even greater light on this somewhat important character.

What do you think? Should Everett Ross have a surprise cameo appearance in Captain Marvel? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

One thought on “Will Everett Ross Make a Cameo Appearance in ‘Captain Marvel’?”

  1. Hi Annlyel, you will find a great many feats (and events in film) are only possible by the actions of seemingly unimportant/unknown people. Take the SW franchise, if it wasn’t for the heroes of Rogue One then Star Wars as we know it would never have occurred. In Solo Val sacrifices herself during the Hypertrain Raid. They may seem small, insignificant or may not be well known but they have a big impact on events.
    Now I always like films with top gun pilots so seeing Mr Ross’ backstory would be cool…(oops did I mention \\TOP-GUN// ? )
    Back to Black Panther, remember I designed a hilt for him just after you posted the trailer for the film? Well I have started using a new piece of software to design my lightsabers and have created a brand new hilt for T’Chala. If interested you can view it here:

    Thanks for the chat.

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