I Think The ‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer Is Coming Out Next Week!

Last week Entertainment Weekly released an awesome spread giving us our first look at the highly anticipated Captain Marvel. Now it seems that we’ll be getting a trailer for the film by at least next Tuesday! Isn’t that exciting?

Ever since the end-credits scene in Infinity War teasing Captain Marvel’s inclusion in Avengers 4 I’ve been super excited to see what this new character is all about. And with all of those interesting photos that were released my excitement for the film has burst through the roof. To know that we’ll most likely be getting a trailer sometime next week is beyond incredible and I. CAN’T. WAIT to talk about it.

So, if you were wondering, like me, when we may see the trailer for this film wonder no further because it’s coming out soon. 🙂

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day.


Mark Hamill Is At It Again

Every once in a while Mark Hamill likes to tease fans about Star Wars and in the past couple of days he decided to mess with Star Wars fans by teasing the title of Episode IX with two cryptic tweets. Here’s the first one.

And then this is the tweet he released yesterday morning.

Lol. Mark Hamill is hilarious. I’m pretty sure Episode IX isn’t going to be titled Star Wars: The Purpose. But his first tweet saying that the title starts with THE sounds actually legitimate.

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