Who’s Your Favorite Groot?

Groot is one of the most unique characters in the MCU for his tree-like form and his simple “I am Groot” vocabulary. When I first saw him I didn’t know what to make of the tree hero but now I can’t imagine the Marvel Cinematic Universe without him. So, on this exciting week of Who’s Your Favorite it’s all about the Groot. I hope you enjoy. 🙂

Classic Groot


When Groot first came onto the Marvel scene he immediately attracted the love of most fans with his Chewbacca-esque personality and role within the Guardians of the Galaxy. He was sweet, at times disturbingly violent despite his benevolent disposition, but most importantly, he was as heroic as any hero has ever been.

He sacrificed his life to save his friends and it honestly is one of the bravest moments from any hero in the MCU. Now every time I watch that moment when he says to Rocket, “We are Groot” I get a little teary because he was so cool.

I Am Groot. Translated: RIP Classic Groot.

Baby Groot


Ever since I saw the first post-credit scene in Guardians of the Galaxy featuring an infant Groot dancing to the Jackson Five I couldn’t wait to see Baby Groot in action and I’m glad to see that he was as cute as I imagined.

Baby Groot is hilarious and yet still heroic, in his own childish way. That’s pretty awesome.

Teenage Groot


Avengers: Infinity War introduced yet another phase in Groot’s life, his teenage version, and he. Was. HILARIOUS! He was so delightfully rude which was a big change from how sweet he was in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. I loved that even though he was so caught up into his game he was still there to be a hero just like the rest of the characters in the movie.

I mean, he literally made Thor’s axe handle. How awesome is that? I loved Teenage Groot as soon as I saw him and I can’t wait to see him return and say something delightfully foul to Thanos. It’s going to be so great.

So, these are the three Groots. My favorite is still Classic Groot because he was so wonderful. He made me happy on so many different occasions and he’s one of the reasons why Guardians of the Galaxy remains in the top five of my favorite MCU films.

But, which of these Groots is your favorite? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

2 thoughts on “Who’s Your Favorite Groot?”

  1. Classic Groot was the one I cared most for emotionally. Unlike the other two Groot versions, he was given a full arc, and was likeable through his innocence, something he didn’t need to be a baby to have in that first Guardians. However, I’m a fan of all three. Teenage Groot had some great scenes, and there should have been more of him in Infinity War. 🙂

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