Oh My Gosh!!! The ‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer Is Here!

Remember when I wrote a post last week about a Captain Marvel trailer dropping sometime this week? Well, it’s here!!! It just dropped on Good Morning America and I was lucky enough to be one of the viewers who saw it. So, for all of you movie lovers who have been waiting for this trailer as much as I have, here it is. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Marvel never gets it wrong and this trailer is no exception. What I love the most about it is its lack of content. It’s short and concise, has plenty of tantalizing moments, shows some exciting character interaction between Ms. Carol Danvers and Young Nick Fury, but I don’t know what’s going on in this movie.

There’s brief hints at some exciting action. The film looks beautiful, which is always exciting because most movies in the MCU are kind of bland and don’t really focus on the aesthetically pleasing aspect except for the Guardians of the Galaxy films and the Thor movies; all of which are involved with space. Captain Marvel seems to be following that trend by introducing a film that has a lot of interesting palettes and visually appealing camera shots.

That’s what I also love about these Marvel films. Each franchise has a different director or directors behind it so the movies all have a different look and feel. This trailer is really focusing on delivering us a STRONG, independent woman.

She feels strong, she looks strong, and her power is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before in a Marvel movie. She’s the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and you can tell that this is the beginning of a new phase of the MCU where women are going to be key figures in these stories.

As I watch this trailer undoubtedly a few more times I’ll see if I can discover any other cool things that made the trailer fantastic but just finally seeing the trailer is awesome enough.


And here’s the teaser poster. Isn’t it awesome? I can’t wait to see this movie!

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a Marvel-ous day.

(I can’t believe it. It’s finally here!!! *beaming*)



11 thoughts on “Oh My Gosh!!! The ‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer Is Here!”

  1. Hi Annlyel, just watched the trailer and I saw F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jets so I’m in, oh sorry I’m a fan of Earth based aviation! (I think I mentioned that when we spoke about Starscream in the new Bumblebee movie due soon) Looks an interesting film hopefully I’ll get see it on video at some poi….OK, maybe not, Blockbusters been flattened!

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      1. Hi again, I seem to sense there majority of folks on YouTube who left comments about the trailer felt it was a bit flat and uninspiring. I hope they don’t end up trying to do a Star Wars/Solo job of trashing it before giving it a chance. Luckily I have now learnt to ignore most comments except ones made by folk I trust but I hoped the initial reaction might have been better.

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      2. That’s terrible. Now, granted, it didn’t show much and so, for most people, that could be a turn off but for people who understand how great movie trailers work that’s why the trailer WAS so great. It didn’t have to show barely anything to be 100% awesome.
        (Or maybe I’m biased because I’m just excited to see the movie.) 🙂

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      3. No, there is a saying in the film industry that goes “Show, don’t Tell”. Now that usually refers to action within a film where you show a character do something or an event happening, even if in flashback form, don’t have someone explain it in script. But it can be used in trailers too, in that you show the audience a small tantalizing piece but don’t tell the audience what they’re seeing. That makes us want to either see another trailer or more importantly the film. It is a balancing act to get it right though (almost as hard as making the film as a whole).

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  2. After seeing the end credit scene in Avengers: Infinity War, I became skeptical of Captain Marvel (both the film and the superhero herself) and whether or not she could reach the expectations placed by Marvel and the fans. Now that I’ve seen the trailer, I can honestly say that Captain Marvel (the film and superhero) has potential! If this film is successful, it will definitely help Avengers 4!

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