Is It Just Me or Are The Posters for ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Captain Marvel’ Similar?

Wonder Woman came out last year to a large array of praise. Not only was it the first female-led superhero film in the modern superhero era but it soared to an outstanding box-office run with $821 million dollars, making it one of the highest grossing films of 2017. It also was the first movie in the DCEU to get legitimate praise from both critics and casual moviegoers who all agreed that Wonder Woman was the new hero of the DCEU.

Fast forward to now and Marvel is presenting their first female-led film with the arrival of Captain Marvel next year. It took twenty movies for a woman to finally get her own standalone film in the MCU but with the arrival of the official trailer just yesterday it seems that the moment we’ve all been waiting for to see Captain Marvel come to life on the big screen is fast approaching. But, because Wonder Woman was the first movie to break the female-led superhero film milestone, comparisons are going to undoubtedly be made and that’s where the topic of this post comes in.


You see, along with the trailer came an incredibly awesome teaser poster that shows Captain Marvel in all of her powerful glory but there’s something a little off about this picture and that is its incredible similarity to the Wonder Woman teaser poster. Let me show you the similarities.

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  1. Both posters have words situated above the heroines.
  2. Both posters have clouds tinged with the colors of sunrise which symbolizes the dawn of a new hero.
  3. Both women’s reflections are cast on a shiny surface. Wonder Woman’s surface is the sand of Themyscira, Captain Marvel’s is the floor of an Air Force Base.
  4. Both of their hair is blowing in the wind, albeit in different directions but still, their hair is flowing.

To most this observation would slim on by but to someone who loves cool posters the similarities are strikingly apparent and that’s not a good sign. It shows that while Marvel, with past movies has been confident with their marketing strategy, it looks like this time around they’re playing off of Wonder Woman‘s playbook rather than their own. Does that mean that they’re not as confident in Captain Marvel‘s success as they are projecting or was this just a coincidental occurrence?

Whatever the case, if Captain Marvel is going to succeed like Black Panther did they need to stay true to the MCU and don’t copy another company’s playbook. That’s never going to work. Look at the DCEU for example. Their first few movies were too dour for most people so they tried to lighten things up with Justice League and it turned into a superhero team-up disaster. Only Wonder Woman was able to incorporate cheeky humor without it feeling too overboard or deferring away from the epic aspect of the film.

I love Captain Marvel, I can’t wait to see it, but this movie is going to lose a bit of my respect if they keep piggybacking Wonder Woman‘s marketing plan.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

3 thoughts on “Is It Just Me or Are The Posters for ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Captain Marvel’ Similar?”

  1. You have picked up on quite a few of the textual aspects of these posters and the ideology behind them. Advertising (as all media) has certain codes and conventions so as a result posters may appear similar especially if the subject matter is the same i.e. a female superhero. Certain type fonts and layouts will be used to demonstrate particular things (like Iron Man’s title written with girder like text letters to imply tough, strong and metallic). Colour schemes trigger thoughts and feelings in audiences. Even the placement of certain objects can have significant meaning in a poster….by the way, did you spot the little animal in the shadows on the left hand side of the picture? (There appears to be the hind quarters of a cat walking off the image….alien cat?)

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  2. To me, the Captain Marvel poster looks very reminiscent of the poster for the 1997 animated film, Anastasia. Let me point out the similarities between these two posters:

    1. Both of them have their film’s female protagonist standing front and center on the poster within a large entryway.
    2. Both of them feature a sky with an orange hue behind each female protagonist.
    3. Both posters have a reflection of the female protagonist’s shadow on the floor.
    4. Both of the entryways in each poster are a dark color.
    5. Both of them list their film’s release date at the bottom of the poster.
    6. Both of the films’ titles are in a bright, eye-catching color. Anastasia’s title is a golden orange, while Captain Marvel’s title is bright red.
    7. Both of the titles feature the color orange.
    8. Besides the sky, both posters have other objects behind the female protagonist. For Captain Marvel, it’s the Air Force planes. For Anastasia, it’s the city buildings of Russia and the film’s villain, Rasputin.

    If Captain Marvel is following some of the patterns of the 1997 Anastasia film, I wouldn’t be surprised. This Marvel movie is going to take place in the ‘90s (the same decade the Anastasia movie was released in) and, according to the trailer, Captain Marvel is trying to regain lost memories (just like Anya in the Anastasia film). Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Disney purchased the TV and movie rights to 20th Century Fox properties. Incorporating some of these elements from Anastasia (a 20th Century Fox film) into this Marvel movie would be an interesting way for Disney to indirectly utilize one of their recently purchased film titles.

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