Here Are 5 Things That Excited Me About the ‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer

The trailer for Captain Marvel came out two days ago, blowing away the internet with its short but concise trailer that teased a lot of awesomeness. Now that I’ve gotten my head around it and have been able to really evaluate the trailer I’m going to share with you the five things that stood out to me the most from this rather epic teaser. Enjoy!

1. The 90s’ Vibe


One period of the MCU that is practically a blank playing field is the 90s’ which makes this the absolute perfect time to introduce Captain Marvel to the world. She is such a powerful and important character that it seems a little strange that we haven’t heard of her until now but this movie will tell us why she’s been absent until this point.

It’s really awesome, however, seeing Carol Danvers in this time period that I don’t know anything about. The clothes, the Blockbuster store, there are going to be so many awesome references to the 90s’ and I just can’t wait to be taken along for the ride.

2. Is It Just Me Or Is It Weird Seeing Nick Fury With Two Eyes?


For so long I’ve known Nick Fury as the really awesome S.H.I.E.L.D guy with the eyepatch but this is years before that Nick Fury. This is the Nick Fury who’s meeting superheroes for the first time and so it’s going to be so interesting seeing how he reacts to this other world that is going to become such a big part of his life in the future.

But the strangest aspect of this younger Nick Fury is definitely the second eye situation. It feels weirder seeing him like this than when he pulled off his eye patch in The Winter Soldier and that’s definitely a bit shocking.

Speaking of The Winter Soldier I think a Captain Marvel easter egg was hiding in plain sight and I didn’t even know it. Here’s why.

There’s a scene early in the movie where Nick Fury is talking to Captain America. Steve is mad because Nick didn’t inform him that Black Widow had a different mission than the mission they were conducting but Nick Fury doesn’t really care. Then he says something that now seems VERY interesting.

He says: “The last time I trusted someone I lost an eye.”

Bingo! Does that mean he’ll potentially lose an eye somewhere in Captain Marvel because he probably “trusted” her and lost an eye somewhere along the road. Maybe that’s why we haven’t heard anything about her. He’s still holding a grudge against her until the galactic ending events of Infinity War and ONLY then would he be willing to ask her for help. It’s an interesting theory that could very well be true. 🙂

3. S.H.I.E.L.D


There were a lot of new things in the trailer that I’ve never seen before but one thing that stood out to me was one area Carol was in. At a certain part in the trailer she’s standing before an elevator that looks VERY similar to a certain elevator in The Winter Soldier.

It looks like, at some point in the movie, she’s going to have a visit at the secret S.H.I.E.L.D base Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff discovered on their hunt for Nick Fury’s assassin. Wow, I think The Winter Soldier is laced with Captain Marvel easter eggs I don’t know about.

4. Captain Marvel’s Power


I don’t know anything about Captain Marvel so what isn’t more exciting than seeing her go into superpower mode at the end of the trailer? I mean I didn’t know Thanos before Infinity War but once I was introduced to him now I’m a total Thanos fan (I mean, I’m a fan of how powerful he is, not his evil ways.) I’m sure I’m going to be the same way about Captain Marvel and I can’t wait!

I also love that the marketing for this trailer didn’t make it obvious that she’s the first woman to have a standalone Marvel movie. Yes, they presented all the facts that she is indeed a woman, but they treated the trailer just like they would any male hero’s origin story film and I appreciated that.

5. The Helmet


And by far the coolest thing in the trailer was this ridiculously AWESOME helmet she was wearing. It’s so awesome in fact that she’s kind of cooler with it but oh well. I’ll tell you one thing. If I’m ever wearing Captain Marvel cosplay it’ll be this outfit that I choose (so I can wear the helmet.) 🙂

So, yeah these are the five things in the trailer that were the most exciting to see. If you want to refresh your memory of how awesome the trailer is here it is.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

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