Here Are Some Other MCU Characters That Should Get Their Own Show

Rumors circled a few days ago that Loki and Scarlet Witch would be getting their own shows on Disney’s new streaming service, Disney Play. But which other Marvel characters should also get their own television series? Here are some ideas.



Blade hasn’t debuted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet but what wouldn’t be cooler than to see this awesome superhero get his own series on Disney’s streaming service, Disney Play. It could be raw but contained enough for a PG-13 audience, it could feature some awesome MCU character cameos, and it could focus on a completely different corner of the MCU that we haven’t seen before. Sounds pretty awesome to me.



Falcon is one of those awesome characters in the MCU that surprisingly hasn’t been given enough screen time as he should. He was a rather important character in both Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Civil War but it still feels like he should have more going on. Hence, a television series. We could get plenty more of Falcon’s awesomeness in a tv show that focuses solely on him which would be downright fantastic.

Moon Knight


Moon Knight sounds like an interesting character but his story may be too dark to debut on a streaming service that is keeping everything PG-13 or under. This hero definitely sounds like rated R material but if Marvel can make it work Disney Play would be a great platform to introduce this new superhero.

Ms. Marvel


If there is any character that’ll be a perfect fit for Disney Play it would be Ms. Marvel. First of all, she’s a teenage superhero and so that totally fits into a PG-13 setting. Secondly, she’s become one of Marvel’s most beloved superheroines which makes her only that much cooler. And third, who doesn’t want to see a television series following the story of this rather awesome Marvel superhero? I know I would.



Valkyrie’s only Marvel movie appearance has been in Thor: Ragnarok. Since then she’s kind of fallen off the radar since she fled Thanos when he arrived to massacre the Asgardians. While we probably (hopefully) will see her again in Avengers 4 I think it would be seriously awesome if Disney Play made a television series that focused on her days when she was a leader of her fellow female warriors.

So, these are the characters that I would love to see their get their own shows. Which characters would you love to see get their own show on Disney Play? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you fir reading and I hope you have a beautiful day.

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