My Three Favorite Trilogies

I love movies. I’ve loved movies ever since I was a child. And I love movie franchises. Some of my favorite films are from some awesome movie franchises; Harry PotterStar Wars, Marvel, Jurassic Park, etc. But there’s also something particularly exciting about a movie trilogy and how it tells a cohesive and thrilling story over he course of three films. Most trilogies have maybe one standout film and then the following movies are somewhat horrendous but there are those rare trilogies that present three films that are equally and uniquely incredible. So, here are my three favorite trilogies.

3. The Dark Knight Trilogy

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Before and since The Dark Knight Trilogy there really hasn’t been a superhero film, let alone films, that captured the same dark essence as these movies did. Christopher Nolan’s genius directorial vision turned these films into fantastic displays of movie making with complex stories that really honed in on the darker side of the caped crusader we’ve grown to learn as Batman.

Each film told a solid yet riveting story that focused on a different level of difficulty in Batman’s life. The first movie focused on Bruce Wayne’s evolution into Batman and what it meant to be a hero. The second movie focused on the darker version of what being a hero truly meant and the hardships one must undergo as a beloved figure in Gotham. And the final movie simply focused on Batman’s final step into fully becoming the hero that Gotham deserved, needed, and would always appreciate.

These movies are super awesome and I wish this darker style of superhero storytelling could’ve filtered into the current DCEU films.

2. The Original Star Wars Trilogy

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The reason why Star Wars is a mega-franchise isn’t because of the prequel trilogy. It isn’t even because of the currently unfinished trilogy. It’s because of these three movies that my parents introduced me to Star Wars as a child.

The characters were incredible. The stories were incredibly written and thought out. The music was phenomenal. And the sheer creativity was beyond magical. These are the movies that created generations over generations over generations of Star Wars fans and they are still some of the best films ever made.

Now, if Episode IX ends up being as amazing (or possibly even more amazing) than The Force Awakens the current trilogy may end up being my favorite Star Wars trilogy.

1. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

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I had to think hard about this because I love Star Wars so much but honestly The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is hands down my favorite trilogy of all time for so many reasons.

  1. Each movie was so well made that they could’ve easily each won an Oscar or have been nominated for Best Picture, they’re that good.
  2. I still haven’t watched a fantasy film that has been made at the quality that Peter Jackson made these movies. To have these movies filmed in real locations brought an authenticity to the story that wouldn’t have existed if it was mostly CGI like The Hobbit was.
  3. The characters were impeccably cast, their individual stories were perfectly thought out, and honestly, they are some of the coolest and most memorable movie characters of all time.

Even after seeing The Lord of the Rings for over sixteen years these movies are still some of the most incredible films ever made because of the jaw-dropping feat it took to make them. To film three movies with a three-movie budget all at the same time was unthinkable but Peter Jackson made it work and created a trilogy that will go down as one of the greatest spectacles of movie making ever created in cinema.

If you’ve never seen The Lord of the Rings then I highly advise you to. Do believe the hype. They are worth every bit of praise and are totally worth a watch.

(I would probably place The Godfather Trilogy in this list but seeing that I’ve only seen the first one all the way through and a bit of the second one I wasn’t able to put this in the list.)

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a glorious day.

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