How Does The ‘Captain Marvel’ Teaser Compare to the ‘Wonder Woman’ Teaser?

The teaser for Captain Marvel came out last Tuesday, shocking the internet and making a whole bunch of Marvel fans super excited to see the highly-anticipated arrival of one of Marvel’s most powerful heroes. But, as I’ve grown to love the teaser more and more I can’t help but wonder what the Wonder Woman teaser was like when it first came out. So, I decided to share with you all a post comparing the two highly-anticipated trailers and discover which one is better. Enjoy!

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Have You Ever Seen ‘Labor Day’?

I don’t watch romance movies often. In fact, I can count on one hand all of the romance movies I have ever watched. But this is one that easily stands out among all genres of movies for its complex yet incredibly creative and thoughtful tale of love and all of love’s trials and tribulations.


To be honest, it’s a rather cynical love story. Kate Winslet plays the role of a lonely single mother named Adele whose husband has had an affair with his secretary and left her to fend for herself off of child support. Josh Brolin plays newly-escaped convict, Frank, who takes Adele and her son, Henry, hostage.

What was supposed to be a simple pit stop for Frank before he moved on to his next destination ended up turning into the wildest Labor Day weekend story you’ve ever seen as both he and Adele gradually began to fall in love with each other.

Labor Day, at its core, is a story about simply that; love. It tells the faults of love. The beauty of love. The passion of love. The emotional rollercoaster of love. The drastic mistakes caused by love. And the desire for love.

The son, Henry, wants a father to love so he sees Frank as a somewhat surrogate daddy. Adele is about as lonely a woman can get so just the idea of someone loving her for who she is takes for a smitten spin. And Frank, like Adele, is also just wanting to have a woman who loves him and only him.

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