This Trailer Is Getting Me Pumped for ‘Creed II’

Since Rocky IV there hadn’t been a decent installment in this legendary boxing movie franchise until Creed. Creed, written by Black Panther writer/director Ryan Coogler, is an incredibly crafted story of a young man who’s chasing his deceased father’s legacy, Apollo Creed, while building a legacy of his own. It’s filled with raw emotion, incredible acting, and realistic moments that truly ground the film in ways I haven’t seen since Rocky III.

Now, Creed returns with a new challenge. He must face the son of his father’s killer in a boxing match of the ages. So, to get you pumped for that exciting event, here’s the second trailer of Creed II.

Michael B. Jordan was already an acclaimed actor in Hollywood but after his stunning role as Erik Killmonger in Black Panther it seems that his acting chops have gotten even better and this trailer proves as much.

This trailer promises more tear-inducing emotion, more boxing action, more trials and tribulations that all achievers have to face in their lives, and even higher stakes with Creed now heralded as a father to a young child.

If you haven’t seen Creed I highly recommend you to watch it because this is undoubtedly one of the movies you’ll want to see this fall.

And if the trailer didn’t get you pumped enough here is the poster.


I thank you for reading and I hope you have a splendid day.

2 thoughts on “This Trailer Is Getting Me Pumped for ‘Creed II’”

  1. The marketing campaign for Creed 2 is one of the best I’ve seen for a film! While watching this trailer, I got the impression that Ivan Drago is, possibly, living his life and dreams through his son, Viktor. I especially felt this way when the news reporter, in this trailer, was addressing Viktor’s challenge to Adonis. Because of this, I think a possible theme of Creed 2 could be following a dream out of choice vs. being forced into it.

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