Mirroring Relationships: Han Solo and Qi’Ra/Kylo Ren and Rey

Solo may seem like a pointless prequel that doesn’t bring a lot of meaning to the Star Wars universe but in actuality it’s possibly one of the most important movies in the franchise and this is why:


Han Solo has always been one of the most important characters in Star Wars but if you look at the original trilogy it clearly seems that the movies revolve around Luke’s story and that Han and Leia are supporting characters. But, with the release of the current trilogy films and the latest installment, Solo, it’s safe to say that Han Solo has become more important than one may have thought a few years ago. Now his storyline truly matters, as it may contain clues and revelations for some of his son’s past, present, and future actions in the Star Wars universe.

In fact, during my latest viewing of Solo I realized that the relationship between Han and Qi’Ra is loosely similar to Kylo Ren and Rey’s companionship. This is why.


Han and Qi’Ra, in the early stages of their life together, were madly in love and wanted to live free among the stars. But, as they tried to leave the harsh world of Corellia behind Han was able to escape and Qi’Ra was unfortunately caught and forced even deeper into the criminal world. But Han didn’t know this when he caught up with her again a few years later.

In his naivety he thought she was the same girl that he had known on Corellia when instead she had become just as bad as the gangsters she was affiliated with. She knew she had been tainted by the life debt she owed to the Crimson Dawn but she didn’t want Han to follow that same path.


At one point late in the film Han tries to convince Qi’Ra that he’s an outlaw, a big baddie now, and she can only laugh at how absurd he sounds. She then conveys with a sincere look in her eyes that he’s clearly the good guy in this situation and that he would never be the bad man he thinks he wants to be. He tries to say otherwise but we all know and he even knows that she’s telling the truth.

The same thing happens with Han’s son, Ben Solo.


Kylo Ren is clearly conflicted with the light and the dark within him during his time in both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. He tries to prove, over and over again, that he is the bad guy (as his father once did) but Rey, like Qi’Ra, believes that in his heart he is the “good guy.”


She even goes to him because she sees that potential of goodness within him that he refuses to see in himself. Unlike Han, however, he’s also dealing with being the grandson of Anakin Skywalker who clearly was very dark side prone. Put those two bloodlines together and we have Kylo Ren, a very confused and traumatized man.

Solo has only made Kylo Ren’s story more complex as we observe Han’s faults and the obstacles he had to surpass and how they unsurprisingly mirror Ben’s journey and his ups and downs. But what does this mean for Kylo? Will the “good guy” within him finally win out and he’ll join Rey in the light? Or will he remain a fool until he imminently perishes by the end of Episode IX?

All in all, I couldn’t help but notice another similarity between Han and Kylo’s stories and so I had to share it with you all. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the Force be with you.

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