The Coolest Weapons in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

With every new Star Wars movie comes new weapons and that’s a blast for avid Star Wars fans like me. And Solo was filled with intriguing aliens, worlds, clothing styles, and yes, weapons, that made this newest adventure in a galaxy far, far away that much more special. So, on that note, here were the five coolest weapons in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Grapple Gun


Val was only present in Solo for a short while but what I found the most impactful from her involvement in the film were her incredible smuggling skills and this gun helped achieve those skills.

Its range can go farther than 600 meters! Isn’t that amazing? That provides an entirely different look at how tough smugglers and bounty hunters truly are in the galaxy with their various gadgets and specific skills. And that’s why I loved this film. The Clone Wars showed a glimpse of the criminal underworld and this movie only took that look a bit further.

Tobias Beckett’s Pistols


One of the characters that stood out to me in Solo was Tobias Beckett. He oozed confidence and a classic western feel that had me instantly riveted by his character. There also was such an ease about his shooting style and a uniqueness about his weapons of choice.

This blaster, the DG-29 Heavy Blaster Pistol, is the blaster he wields in his left hand.


And this is the weapon he wields in his right hand, the RSKF-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol. Both are incredible in their own little ways and both have taken my love of blasters to the next level. (Beckett is awesome.)

Electroripper Staff


Enfys Nest’s weapon of choice isn’t a blaster but instead a close-combat weapon called an Electroripper Staff. Its tip is powered with electricity which can rip through metal or incapacitate its opponents. This weapon is part of the reason why Enfys Nest is so ridiculously cool. She’s a young warrior and leader (much like Phasma was in her home planet) and her incredible fighting ability is beyond exciting to see.

There hasn’t been anyone exactly like her Star Wars and that’s what makes her stand out among, not just women, but all of the characters in the overall story. Hopefully we’ll learn more about her in the future.

SE-14 Blaster Pistol


Lando loves anything fancy so it’s no surprise that he may just have the most beautiful blaster in the galaxy. With its chrome finish and mother of pearl grip this blaster can turn heads just as quickly as the swish of one of Lando’s capes.

Lando is really cool. 🙂

Kyuzo Petars


One of the reasons why Dryden Vos was such a compelling villain was because he wasn’t a joke and his close-combat skills said as much. These daggers are 100% incredible in terms of creativity. I love the look of the grip and I love the red lasers that kind of make the daggers look like hand-held lightsabers.

Once again, the sheer imagination and creativity taken to make these Star Wars Stories stand out is phenomenal and prove why we need more standalone films in the future. (Specifically an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie.)

Well, these are my favorite weapons from Solo: A Star Wars Story. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the Force be with you.

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