‘Big Hero 6’ Is a Fascinating Display of Creativity

Okay, I know I’m late. Big Hero 6 came out four years ago. How am I just seeing it now? Well, when it did come out all those years ago I wasn’t very interested in seeing it. I was busy watching Interstellar and being excited to see the The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies. So, yesterday, after years seeing this movie but actually never watching it I decided to finally see what the Oscar-winning Big Hero 6 was all about.

As soon as the movie started I was hooked.


The movie begins with 14-year-old protagonist, Hiro, who’s a brilliant kid that likes to play the illegal sport in the fictional town, San Franyko, bot fighting. He can get hundreds of dollars in a single match and so, of course, he’s hooked. It takes his older brother, Tadashi, however, successfully redirect his focus to a more productive career.

He takes Hiro to an incredible school that focuses on helping brilliant young adults’ imaginations come to life. It’s at this school that Hiro meets the healthcare robot that will ultimately change his life, Baymax.


Baymax is undoubtedly one of the coolest and most unique robots I have ever seen in cinema. His squishy balloon body is to give hugs and with his incredible programming he is practically the greatest nurse ever to be invented. (I wish I had a Baymax.)

This movie took me on an emotional-rollercoaster from beginning to end. The story was phenomenal and wildly original. It’s not often when you can watch something and feel like you’ve never seen it before but that’s how I felt the entire time I watched the movie.

And I absolutely LOVED the characters.

On the far left you have Wasabi, next to him is Fred (he’s a total hippy who loves fire-breathing lizards, hence the monster suit,) Hiro is in the middle, Honey Lemon is to his right, and on the far right is Go-go.

These characters made the already fascinating story even better. They were funny, rather awesome, and I loved that they were a diverse cast of characters.

Oh my goodness, I’ve seen a lot of Disney movies but this was honestly one of the best Disney films I’ve ever seen.

My Conclusion of the Film


Big Hero 6 isn’t just a great movie, it’s a wonderful story with a lot of heartfelt moments that’ll bring a tear to even the staunchest person’s eye. If you need a feel-good movie to watch then you should totally check this one out because it’s kind of amazing.

I’m giving this a 98 out of a 100 and 4.8 out of 5 stars. This film was practically perfect and definitely deserved its Best Animated Film win. It was absolutely INCREDIBLE!

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day.

(If you haven’t seen this movie please check it out. You won’t be disappointed.)

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