Can Mace Windu Return to ‘Star Wars’?

Mace Windu is one of the coolest Jedi in Star Wars. He was the leader of the Jedi Order in the days of the Republic and he’s the only Force-wielder to ever have a purple lightsaber. He’s 100% awesome! But he came to a rather tragic ending as Anakin cut his hand off and Palpatine finished him off with a powerful blast of lightning.

He was knocked from the blast across the way to a “certain” death but is that true?

Darth Maul

Darth Maul got sliced in half and tumbled down a chute. But his story wasn’t finished. He was brought back to life in The Clone Wars and had a surprise cameo in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Darth Maul is very much alive and kicking!

So, does this provide the assumption that Mace Windu can also return to a galaxy far, far away? Samuel L. Jackson has said plenty of times since Disney acquired Star Wars that he would love to return to his role as Mace Windu and if Darth Maul could survive his gruesome defeat in The Phantom Menace then surely Mace can return.

Supreme Leader Snoke

Some Star Wars theorists were even beginning to think that Supreme Leader Snoke was Mace Windu come back for revenge against the Skywalkers but that theory came to a sudden end after he was abruptly killed off in The Last Jedi. But even though Snoke is gone Mace can still return and be great in an exciting way.

Wouldn’t that be fantastic? Mace Windu appearing in a Star Wars standalone film or potentially the live-action Star Wars show, The Mandalorian. That would not only be a twist in the franchise but it would be a fantastic surprise for all Star Wars fans.

So, can Mace Windu return to Star Wars? Uh, yeah he can!!! And Kathleen Kennedy should make it happen sooner rather than later.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the Force be with you.

3 thoughts on “Can Mace Windu Return to ‘Star Wars’?”

  1. Well Anakin jumped out of a speeder and fell through a couple of hundred levels of Coruscant before landing on Zam Wessel’s speeder. It would not be a stretch of the imagination for Mace to do something similar and land on a vehicle of some kind before hitting terra firma. I believe Ahsoka also did a similar dive when she was framed for murder and leapt from the sewerage pipe before Ani could capture her.
    Will Windu return?…..depends on how desperate Disney are and if they want to repeat something that has been done before.

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    1. Or whether he can return in a sensible way that makes the franchise better rather than including him just for the fans. Marvel is a wonderful franchise because they don’t try to appease the fans. They’re telling a story with every movie they make and when these heroes debut in these films there’s a reason they’ve arrived at that particular moment.

      Take ‘Captain Marvel’ for example. A lot of people are wondering why nothing has been mentioned about her before ‘Infinity War’. There is a specific reason why and I can’t wait to find out next March.

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      1. It was probably to get away from the 117 Flerken Kittens that hatched from the eggs Chewie laid!

        But seriously Marvel and DC have a long tradition of bringing characters “back from the dead” such as Superman dying numerous times and even Spiderman dying after being kissed by the Alien Queen then morphing into a full eight legged Spider – Man before he died. The writers then had Peter Parker (or rather a clone like copy) to burst free of the dead spider creature’s body! All this was to enable Peter Parker to be re-written and have organic web spinning ability and not need the wristband webshooters!
        Star Wars has never really done that (at least not on screen AFIK).

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