What Can The Official Cast List of ‘Avengers 4’ Tell Us About the Movie?

Avengers 4 has been wrapped in secrecy since before Infinity War came out. The title, which I figured would be released shortly after Avengers: Infinity War premiered, still hasn’t been released due to some unknown reason. And news of the film is few and VERY far between. Only recently did the film officially wrap shooting after having the Russo Brothers had to conduct some quick reshoots to tie up some loose ends but now that is into the editing stage rumors have begun circling that a trailer is being formatted for IMAX which means we may get some Avengers 4 news much sooner than we think.

But, until then, we can only speculate the movie’s title and storyline and I think I might have found some interesting clues lying within the official cast list on IMDB. So, let me share with you my intriguing findings.

1. Hiroyuki Sanada Has a Sizable Mystery Role in ‘Avengers 4’


Hiroyuki Sanada is one of my favorite Japanese actors. I loved his role in The Last Samurai and he was one of the only good things (actually the only good thing) about Rush Hour 3. To see that he’s going to have a role in Avengers 4 is beyond exciting for me.

And what’s even more exciting about it is where he’s placed in the list. He’s situated just beneath Jon Favreau/Happy Hogan and before Chadwick Boseman/Black Panther. But his role is being kept under wraps, as it won’t say on IMDB who he’s going to play.

This is so exciting! He could be playing a villain or he could be a brand new hero that’ll make his premiere in Avengers 4. Oh, I can’t wait to see who he’s going to play.

2. Hawkeye Is Definitely Going To Return


Hawkeye was believed to play a role in Avengers: Infinity War but when he turned up absent with only an honorable mention in the film fans were confused. Where was Hawkeye in this great time of need?

While it seems like clear knowledge that he’ll return to fight alongside his fellow Avengers in Avengers 4 this official cast proves that he will. In the cast for Infinity War, he was indeed absent but I’m glad to see that he isn’t in this film. Now all that remains is the wonder of whether he will return as indeed, Hawkeye, or if he will debut as his other comic-book alter ego, Ronin. Only time will tell.

3. Harley Keener Is Returning!


You’re probably wondering, who’s Harley Keener? Well, let me refresh your memory. Remember Iron Man 3 and that little boy who helped Tony Stark in Tennessee. Yeah, this is the same boy, except five years older. (Wow, how kids grow up.)

Who knows what his returning role means to the movie but what’s exciting about this is the fact that it was a rumor that he would return about a year ago but I soon forgot about it because it seemed a bit far-fetched. Obviously, it was true. Awesome!

4. Janet van Dyne Will Play a Huge Role in This Movie


I know it can’t be entirely deciphered how large a person’s role may be according to their earliness in the credits or cast list but I feel that it is safe to say that Janet van Dyne will indeed play a central role in Avengers 4. I mean, she’s up there with Thanos, Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, Ant-Man, you get the picture. She’s going to be important and I can’t wait to see what she can bring to this fight against Thanos.

5. Is Avengers 4 Heading to the 70s’?

A few of the smaller cast members in this list are some lower-tiered actors who are playing practically extras. While extras usually aren’t looked as clues for a movie in this case they are sending quite an interesting clue to this movie.

Two of the actors in the list, Miles Webb and Monica Mathis, are playing a 1970’s Scientist/Lab Worker and a 70s’ Car Girl. What does that mean? Why is this movie at some point in time going back to the 70s’? And what was happening relevantly during that time? I’m very interested in finding out.

6. The S.H.I.E.L.D Agents

There’s also a few S.H.I.E.L.D agents that are credited in this cast list as well. That’s another interesting point because as we know, S.H.I.E.L.D was destroyed in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. So for there to be S.H.I.E.L.D operatives in this movie means one of two things.

1: the Avengers go back to a time before S.H.I.E.L.D fell or 2: S.H.I.E.L.D is reinstated after the devastating events of the Infinity Snap. Either or, it sounds like an awesome prospect for both versions.

7. And finally, the Missing Heroes

Add subheading (1).png

While there are a good amount of Infinity Snap victims that are in the official cast there a still a few missing individuals as well. Wanda, Star-Lord, Falcon, Doctor Strange, and Hank Pym were all disintegrated and are, for some reason, not on the list. Loki, who died at the beginning of Infinity War, is expected to return if The Avengers do in fact go back in time to the Battle of New York but that can’t be confirmed because he’s not on the official cast list. And Valkyrie, who didn’t make it into Avengers: Infinity War but was confirmed by the Russo Brothers to still be alive isn’t on the list even though Tessa Thompson posted on her Instagram that she and fellow Marvel alum Chris Hemsworth were getting ready to do reshoots for Avengers 4.

You see, all of these people you see in the collage are expected to be in Avengers 4 and yet they’re not in the official cast list. Very, very interesting.

So, these are the clues I deciphered from the official cast of Avengers 4. Hopefully, we won’t have long to wait before we get some answers to this mystery.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.


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